Google Assistant comes to Android Things: wizard on screens, speakers …

Google Assistant comes to Android Things: wizard on screens, speakers …


Android Things is Google's platform for the Internet of Things. It's still in beta for developers, but today is an important step: it's compatible with the Google Assistant.

Google is determined to bring your wizard to any device. From mobile phones to TVs with Android TV, speakers like Google Home, also tablets, to ChromeOS … And now he stepped forward to have the wizard master any device like: reaches Android Things .

The Internet of Things or IoT covers any connected device. Since this device needs software that acts as a controller, there is nothing better than adapting an already created and universal system. That's where Android Things comes in. : This abbreviated version of the operating system is able to run on hardware limited in components and features; without this being an impediment to enjoy Google Assistant.

Intelligent loudspeakers, refrigerators, modems, screens … We will have access to the wizard without barriers

In the first Google Assistant was limited to Google Pixel, but although it took a while, the company opened the wizard for the rest of Android phones always with minimum requirements. The idea of ​​Google is to reach as many devices as possible, so also bet on Android Things. There is a lot of logic: the company not only collects valuable data from the users that interact with the assistant, but also allows a greater learning of Artificial Intelligence.

Google has announced within the CES framework in Las Vegas that IoT devices with Android Things can get the Google Assistant certification to take the wizard to devices. Also Google Cast ; thus expanding the option of sharing multimedia content so that it does not only work with Google Chromecast or Android TV.

The first devices with Android Things and Google Assistant were also announced at CES. LG home speakers, home automation devices … And a type of device that we will start to see in many homes: the smart screen.

Lenovo introduces its first smart screen with the Google Assistant

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We'll have to get used to portable screens that, far from being a tablet, offer support for playing content wherever we are with access to a virtual assistant. Google Assistant is the key at this point, as is Alexa on the Amazon Echo Show .

The Lenovo Smart Display announced at CES, offers a screen that can be chosen between two dimensions: 8 and 10 inches. It includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor, is compatible with the residential platform Qualcomm Home Hub and will cost $ 199.99 or $ 249.99, depending on the screen size (the most expensive is the larger) . As we said, one of the biggest advantages is that Google Assistant is integrated. Also Google Cast.


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