Google Assistant reaches mobile phones that are not smartphones

Google Assistant reaches mobile phones that are not smartphones


In the latest Google IO the Mountain View company made a special emphasis that their future has gone through artificial intelligence. In fact, Sundar Pichai himself announced that instead of being a first mobile company (with cell phone priority), it became an AI First (focusing on artificial intelligence).

This explains the importance that your assistant has for Google, which we have available for some time on smartphones around the world, and even more after having expanded into new languages. In addition to seeing them on phones, we knew they would be available on devices like speakers, televisions or headphones.

In many countries, smartphones, while important, are not everything. That's why Google opens an unexpected gap in the featured phones the simple cell phones that only serve to talk, send SMS and play in a very precarious way. Implementing the Google Assistant.

Google Wizard on non-smart phones


Artificial intelligence will be the engine of the mobile phone industry in 2018, of course. What we did not expect was that this engine would reach the most advanced telephony segment, the simplest cell phones.

The Reliance JioPhone becomes the first phone that is not a smartphone to have a modified version of Google Assistant.

In this Mobile Google Assistant will be able to respond and interact with us in English and Hindi, the majority language in India. We can call, send text messages or play music directly using the voice commands.

Obviously, you will not be able to interact with advanced applications because you can not run them, but it's a very powerful step to make a device's intelligence uniquely your ability to connect to the Internet, radically different path than other companies, such as Huawei, with NPU .


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