Google, buy Xiaomi

Google, buy Xiaomi


In recent days, we have witnessed the increase in the intensity of a rumor that seems to be taking shape. I am referring to the possible purchase of from HTC by Google, who would be interested in improving their hardware foot in relation to the mobile phone and would also see with an evil eye an improvement in the field of virtual reality.

However, I have thought that what Google really would do now that it seems that the Pixel project is not afraid to create their own smartphones and compete with you with rivals like Apple but also like Samsung, Sony or LG, is go to everything .

For this, you should not buy a manufacturer that is few hours like HTC, although it is cheap, but that is at a time of rise, one that is in the Top 5 worldwide and that not only expanded.


OK Google, Buy Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi A1 opens a new stage

This idea has been spinning in my head for several weeks, but when the Xiaomi MI A1 was introduced, I've seen this much closer or viable.

Both companies collaborated hard to provide users with the best possible experience. The quality of the Xiaomi camera application, coupled with the possibility of using Google Unlimited photos. The speed of Google updates with the good do on the Asian enterprise hardware.

We know that Mi A will be a family by itself and there will be more models with Android One. That is why I would like the first step to be this, the first stone in an important integration.

Currently buying an Android phone is an odyssey

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<p> Many of the criticisms made to Apple go through the lack of variety when buying an iPhone. However, for most users, not the geeks, this is almost an advantage because you can barely choose and like a cell phone or not. </p>
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The odyssey of buying a new cell phone: a personal opinion

We have what we face when buying a new Android phone, especially if we are requiring people.

If Google bought Xiaomi, we would be facing an improvement of this idea, since it would have a bigger catalog, but always offering the same pure experience of Google. Imagine that the mythical Nexus 5 had a worthy successor.

In addition, Xiaomi specializes in creating excellent price terminals and good performance. Not in vain one of the best selling cell phones in the world is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and the cheapest in its catalog, the Xiaomi Redmi 4A that I can try, offers a much better experience than the mid-range cell phone .

The Google ecosystem

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Another very relevant aspect is that Xiaomi not only focuses on the cell phone, it focuses on the technology. That would make sense not only for Google, but for the Alphabet itself . The accessory ecosystem that Lei Jun's signature created is almost more appreciated than its own mobile devices.

Google is trying to enter into domotics with bets like buy Nest but this would take this to another level. Even in wearables it would gain a position of strength and it is that Xiaomi is the first manufacturer, before Apple, which is true that achieves more economic performance.

The future of Google as Apple

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<p> All this would bring Google to the image of the company that we have from Apple, a company much more hermetic, but that is able to offer an incredible experience to its customers, as long as they do not leave the fold, of course. </p>
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Google and Motorola purchases: In-depth analysis and relationship with Android

Google's value in Alphabet is now huge, but such a move would make it even more important. It would be possible for Xiaomi to settle in a relationship between equals, Google being the software part and Xiaomi the hardware although it could also learn much the first of the second in which it refers to interoperability. ]

But without closing Android

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<p> This should not imply, from my point of view, that Google should close Android. To begin with, it would restrict the options of many users, but especially because others should look for another operating system and the improvements and innovations they make may not have repercussions in the way they do today. </p>
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Google is pushing me to buy an iPhone, and this is terrible

Lately, Google is getting more and more like Apple. At this point, is it worth continuing with Android if it's less free?

Google could continue to use Android and give more hand to manufacturers in terms of customization since anyone who would like a more pure experience, higher speed of upgrades or better price could choose Xiaomi.

Actually, I could even erase the map competition, except maybe Samsung, but I do not see the survival of the Korean company in the long run.

East and West

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<p> To say that Google is an international giant is not new, but it is true that in countries like India and above all China, the presence of the search engine and its services is infinitely less than in the West </p>
<p> The opposite happens with Xiaomi who I am well present in dozens of countries around the world is in China and India, where it has a strength that makes it rival for much larger companies. </p>
<p> The union of the two, with the permission of the Chinese government, would allow the creation of a corporation of a size rarely seen in technology, as far as the global impact is concerned. <strong> Only Samsung, Apple and Huawei will be in a position to compete, and only Apple in the last section. </strong> </p>
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