Google Calendar finally updates the design of your site for Material Design

Google Calendar finally updates the design of your site for Material Design


The smartphone has become the universal tool of the digital era and it is for almost any use that occurs to us there is an application. Many are for our entertainment, while others are more important when it comes to working.

To be honest, for me the calendar is one of the most important tools of my cell phone since I write all my events and appointments in it. As an Android user, I've become accustomed to using Google Calendar, which I also use on my iPad and the web.

I love how Google Calendar works, but when I used it on my computer, I felt its design became obsolete, and it's because the web version of this calendar is the only one that has not yet made the leap to Design of material. Not at least until today.

Google Calendar already has Material Design in its web version

If you were like me, you missed the material project while using Google Calendar on your computer, today is your lucky day. The big G decided to give a face lift to his useful calendar, integrating his already well-known line of design in the web version of the calendar.

 google calendar material design "width =" 1146 "height =" 681 "/> </p>
<p> Logging into the new Google Calendar, we find a design very similar to the version of tablets, which is thought to be used horizontally. Of course <strong> is on a larger screen, it's huge. </strong> In the adjustments we can opt for a more compact design, something that improves the experience. In this configuration, we can change the color palette to the traditional design. </p>
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What's New for G Suite

Professional users who use the G-Suite also receive news of interest in this new version. Specifically these that we quote below:

  • View reservation details in the conference room.
  • Add Rich Text and Links to Your Calendar Invitations
  • Manage multiple calendars in day view at the same time

Undoubtedly interesting news for those who use Google business accounts. If you are an administrator of a G-Suite domain, you can switch to the new layout manually, while if you do not touch anything, the new project will arrive between November 14 and 28.


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