Google Chrome blocks pop-ups and adds annoying and silent videos

Google Chrome blocks pop-ups and adds annoying and silent videos


Chrome will prevent you from having to watch these happy pop-ups and support playing videos all the time in your next Android beta.

Chrome, the browser par excellence of Android, prepares more changes to the new beta of Chrome 64. And goes beyond the physical redesign that has already suffered and we talked to you not long ago. These changes will improve the user experience by treating annoying pop-ups and self-copying videos.

How many times were you browsing a website and clicking somewhere on the screen Have you ever had multiple pop-ups or skipped advertising videos that played without your permission? Well, Chrome will take care of those annoying features in its next beta version of Chrome 64.


goodbye to annoying pop-ups …

The first feature that is included is the improvement in blocking pop-ups. Ads that are triggered automatically or that appear on the screen and that you should close by clicking the X in a corner. Chrome will block them better and attack them by the roots. This will do so through an express documentation that will prevent these tricks from being exercised to deceive users.

So Google wants to make sure users are not injured with these misleading ads. There are many that are very convincing and they may include malicious software or install applications and services that we do not really want or that are bad copies of others. With this lock and this documentation, Chrome will make these advertisers more difficult.

… and also annoying videos

 You can finally block pop-ups and mute videos in Chrome for Android "</p>
<p> In places where there is excessive advertising, there are usually <strong> ads that self-reproduce </strong> without our consent. It's very inconvenient when we're silently navigating and an ad is dedicated to sound that we could not have allowed. The new Google Chrome will not block them, <strong> but will allow you to silence them. </strong> </p>
<p> When you enable the "Always block on this site" option, ads that play next time <strong> will be silenced </strong> and you will not have to put up with it. A much needed measure for sites where you can not block or silence ads for various reasons. </p>
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This Chrome 64 beta update will be released in the next few days. Keep an eye on her. You can download it on Google Play, and it's only a matter of time when these new changes were tested and corrected in case of failure, they will be included in the official version of Google's browser.

Version: varies by device

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device


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