Google Chrome will allow the export of saved passwords

Google Chrome will allow the export of saved passwords


Google Chrome not only allows you to remember and apply passwords from our Google account; soon, we will be able to export these passwords in the form of a file.

Many worship, others hate and along the way accumulate millions of downloads . Come pre-installed on the vast majority of Android devices helps Google Chrome be the most used app, but there is no doubt that its functions are also an extra for which it is worth using. For example, the ability to remember passwords between computer and cell phone .

Google Chrome added just over a month ago the possibility of accessing the passwords stored in our account from the Internet browser . These are stored in a specific section of [GoogleAccount but there is no doubt that having a shortcut in Chrome simplifies many tasks. But what if we want to export these passwords? Soon we can do it.

Export saved passwords in Google Chrome to import to another browser

Exporting passwords will save headaches when we want to use a browser other than Google Chrome. There are many specific details that have not yet been specified, but presumably the export will be in a non-proprietary format so we can import the passwords into other applications, such as XDA Developers comments .

Password export will be found in Google Chrome settings under " Saving passwords ". We now find the complete list of passwords and the option to enable or not auto-save. In future browser updates, a " Export Passwords " button will be added.

Passwords on Google Chrome

As we said, we do not know more details about how passwords will be exported and in what format. Here's the key to determining process compatibility: It should be able to import these passwords into other Android browsers. Same desktop: this way, we would not only be connected to Google Chrome, if we want to save the tedious task of remembering all the passwords.

Changing password settings has been loaded for Chrome Git the developer repository where new postings are added and tested. It is expected that the option will follow the usual steps: first update of Canary after Chrome Dev goes to Chrome beta and finally the export of passwords would reach stable version . We will continue to report.


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