Google Duo improves contact options and changes interface

Google Duo improves contact options and changes interface


Google seems immersed in a time of changes in some of its applications. The one that at the moment is to be protagonist is your payment service, which from now on will be called Google Pay.

But other applications are also changing, albeit more subtly. One of the latest is Google Duo VoIP call service and video calling company, which was announced along with Google Allo.

The application now receives an update, which puts it in v25 and aesthetically modifies some elements, as well as includes small improvements related to the contacts.

New button to change the call to video call

The first change is the deletion of the virtual button that allowed us to choose whether we wanted to make a video call or a call. Now it's a set of two tabs, something more current than the previous icon.

However, you should continue to press, since a left or right gesture will not move us between options.

Direct access to all contacts

Another change is the presence of a first button in the contacts that allows access to the complete list to call our friends from this application. But it will not be the only way.

If we make a gesture below, we will see how the whole list of people that we have in our agenda appears then we can initiate the call or video-call directly.

We will even have a search engine that, once the interface is placed, will be placed on top so that we can write the name we want on the screen itself.

As you can see, they are small changes, but they make it easier to use an application that is not a majority, and Google does not seem to be doing much to change that.

If you have not pre-installed, you can download directly from the Google Play Store, where it is already upgraded to this version.


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