Google Earth is updated with the inclusion of Google Maps photos

Google Earth is updated with the inclusion of Google Maps photos


Google Earth is possibly one of the most spectacular services of the company. The possibility to navigate practically anywhere in the world is incredible. We use it, and continue to do so, to work and research, but also to simply see how certain parts of the world are.

In addition to seeing the different geological formations, cities or the climate of Google Earth, we could until recently, thanks to Panoramio see millions of photographs of the most remote places of the earth, thanks to Users who carry them .

However, in a strange decision Google decided to cancel this option and we could not see images in this service. Now we know what the company was planning: the integration of Google Maps photos, the service increasingly one of the main pillars of Google.


Activating Photos in Google Earth

The new version of this application will have a switch in the options bar where we can activate the viewing of the photos that are available all over the planet.

As we zoom in, we can see the views of the images and click on it we will see the image in full screen. From there, we can move on to other related ones.

The images that were selected are not all the ones we send to Google Maps, but a selection was made using artificial intelligence to choose the best and most suitable.

This update should reach the web version of the service and mobile applications, but it is currently not available to all users. We'll have to wait for the apps to be up and running.



Requires Android 4.1 and above


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