Google focuses on Microsoft to improve its ecosystem

Google focuses on Microsoft to improve its ecosystem


The Microsoft ecosystem has years of experience between businesses and educational institutions, something Google is taking note of. Its last two projects for the G Suite are an Active Directory and Skype proprietary.

Google not only tries to get close to all ordinary users. One of his excellent profiles is the accounts dedicated to companies and institutions those within the call G Suite . A Google that works the same as the rest, but with a custom email address and certain improvements.

More and more companies are joining the company with Google, but they are not alone in the competition. Microsoft is one of your biggest rivals in the hands of Office 365 and your experience in the business section is worth many points. Something that led Google to begin fixing its functions to get them to the G Suite.

G Suite is updated, inspired by Microsoft

As we read in Android Authority Google is working on two new features for the G Suite . The first function is a tool that would be used for to manage employee data within a group or a company. Google would charge 8 euros per month for each employee the company controls, in addition to the traditional fee.

Meanwhile, the second function is encoded as " Wolverine " and consists of a IP call service focused on business . I could make calls in and out of the organization. As a Hangouts, but improved to meet the needs of the business, what can happen by calling real numbers.

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<p> If you listen to these functions, it is no coincidence. The first function sounds like a description of <em> Active Directory </em> while <em> Wolverine </em> knows exactly what <a href= Skype does for business . Both are part of Office 365 Microsoft cloud toolkit dedicated to users and institutions.

The Microsoft ecosystem: an example to follow

The truth is that Microsoft has years of experience in the business and educational field . Windows has been present on the computers of all these institutions in recent years, not to mention the Office domain in the office sector. Although they have lost ground in recent years, the Redmond company remains a giant.

Knowing that Microsoft has years of experience, it is normal for them to have an advantage. It is also normal for Google to focus on them by developing new dedicated services. It is good that there is competition, so we are competing companies to be the best and the beneficiaries are the users. Or, in this case, companies.

Microsoft also makes its way on Android

But Microsoft is not quiet in this battle. Microsoft has stopped betting on Windows Phone, but in return it is acquiring much more relevance in Android . And we're not just talking about applications we're talking about releases like the Samsung Galaxy S8 " Microsoft Edition "; as much as Samsung denies that it really is a special edition of the phone.

 The Samsung Galaxy S8 that Microsoft sells only misses Windows </p>
<p> The company led by Satya Nadella is <strong> embracing Google's operating system </strong> to attack. And with the established that is Android, is not a bad idea. Who has to worry is Google because it is not the only ecosystem that is taking advantage of Android to reach businesses. Will Microsoft win Google in its own land? </p>
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