Google Maps adds the bike as a transport and changes its aesthetics

Google Maps adds the bike as a transport and changes its aesthetics


Google Maps has received several updates in recent months, but the development team, far from remaining immobile, continues to implement new options and also change the look of maps, something that is appreciated as it is. one of the most used Android applications.

A new feature came as a surprise to some users who saw how when they were going to calculate the route to go from one destination to another, the system offered a new option that was not available before.

Walking, by car, motorcycle, bus, train or … motorcycle

Now, when Google Maps calculates a route, it will offer us the power to follow motorcycle if the streets we pass are too narrow for a car to pass.


This new method of in-app shipping from Google appeared in India, but we can not replicate it there or in other countries so that it can depend on an update of the application or an activation on the servers.

Tomorrow, Google will hold an event in India and it is very possible to announce this function, since it is a country where this mode of transport is really common and that it would make sense to give Indian users a better route management when they calculate it Maps.

New gray tone and new colors

In addition, it is beginning to reach more users the new interface which we talked to you a few days ago that had a new gray background tone and new colors to highlight the elements that appeared on the shape maps more effective, depending on our needs.

If in the presentation of India announce new functions related to these, we comment that we will update the article. Both developments are expected for mobile applications and for the web version.


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