Google Photos is updated and ready to bring the ultimate tool

Google Photos is updated and ready to bring the ultimate tool


Google Photos is one of the most successful products of Google and certainly has merit given the little time it takes between us.

The application has become one of those we have to have installed and we should recommend it for several reasons. Personally, I recommended to my brother when he had to change his cell phone, to be able to back up his photos, for my father to free up space and continue to take more photos and my partner to synchronize the photos we take in common at events.

The last update we tested some improvements and developments, but above all opens the door to what can be the final editing tool of this application.

Text recognition in Google Photos


As we can see in the images, the integration between Google Lens and Google Photos is already complete and you can now check the text of the images we take using Google Lens.

Yes, as you know now, this feature is restricted to Pixel, but in a few weeks should reach the rest of the Android phones, as announced by Google when it introduced.

Removal of objects with artificial intelligence

 Removal of artificial intelligence objects "</p>
<p> But the main improvement will come soon and it's that in APK there are lines of code that prepare us for the tool <strong> to remove objects </strong> that Google showed on Google I / O 17. </p>
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The example that you can see in the top image and video of the presentation is quite spectacular and shows that this function could serve both to enhance the images and to create impossible compositions, such as a large empty City, without people.

There are also clues about new ways of creating movies automatically, with a central theme although it is not yet known exactly what it will consist of.

This version can be updated in the Google Play Store, but if you do not skip, you can download the APK .

Version: varies by device

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android varies by device

Size: varies by device


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