Google Pixel 2 XL has problems connecting to Android Auto

Google Pixel 2 XL has problems connecting to Android Auto


A problem connecting and viewing maps affects owners of a Google Pixel 2 XL that uses the phone in combination with Android Auto: the screen is distorted.

Android Auto has arrived at compatible vehicles and devices to bring the benefits of the system by offering a way to manage these vehicles and provide entertainment, without the user having to be distracted from the road . Using Android Auto in combination with an Android phone is a good idea, since we manage the smartphone of the vehicle's console, but does not always work as expected . Ask the owners of a Google Pixel 2 XL.

We wrote Mauricio a reader and owner of both devices: a car with Android Auto and a Google Pixel 2 XL . He told us about a problem we did not know: when you connect your phone to Android Auto and show Google Maps or Waze on the car console, the image is pixelated approximately after five minutes; hindering the view of the road.

A problem that seems minimal, but this can cause a fatal distraction


In the car you have to keep your eyes on the road to suffer as few distractions as possible. Navigation maps compatible with Android Auto go in this direction: they offer a clear and concise interface so has just a look to check the road ; therefore, seeing the pixelated screen is an unnecessary risk. Besides a nuisance given the price of the devices.

The problem does not only concern Pixel 2 XL but rather is very widespread in this model and regardless of the vehicle brand or device with Android Auto. Enabling GPS navigation with Maps and Waze, the screen image is pixelated after about five minutes of use . You can correct the problem by switching the application to Spotify, for example, but it happens again after returning to Maps or Wzae and spending another five minutes.

Google is aware of the Pixel 2 XL connection problem, but has not yet corrected it. According to our reader, the company obtains liability from vehicle manufacturers even when pixelation on the screen did not occur at the beginning. The problem appeared about two weeks without customer service managers offering a solution to users.

We have contacted Google to find out when they will resolve the issue. As we have more information about this, we will update this article.


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