Google Pixel XL 2 and Pixel 2 already have confirmed submission date

Google Pixel XL 2 and Pixel 2 already have confirmed submission date


After the intense week of presentations that we have, we know all that is necessary for Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and iPhone X we might hope for a bit of calm but it will not be like this

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day 22 we have a new model of Huawei to meet a few days will be Google calling us to introduce their new Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL2, as confirmed by the appearance of a poster in the city of Boston, which leaves no doubt about it.

On October 4, we will know everything

Although we expected a similar date yet, there was nothing to confirm the event on a specific day. In the image we see that, in addition to the date indicated, the Google logo appears, so it is clear who will do the presentation.

There's also the slogan "Ask for more for your phone," a pun on the idea of ​​new handsets in mind and improved voice functions.

Google Pixel XL 2 passes through the FCC

On the other hand, we have confirmation from the US FCC that Google Pixel XL 2 will be marketed in the US

The FCC appears with the identifier ZNFG011C which gives us several clues. By a loop, the letters ZNF are those that use the phones manufactured by LG which confirms that the Korean manufacturer will be responsible for its creation. Remember that you are expected to be inspired by the LG G6.

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<p> The model number is <strong> G011C </strong> which is the continuation of Pixel 2 with the number G011A. And if you ask what happens to the medium, the G011B, we may have the answer Do you remember the <a href= Huawei Pixel that did not materialize? That could be it

In addition, Google is offering original Pixel XL units for those who have a Nexus 6P in warranty when it can not be repaired makes us think that the new Pixel XL 2 and Pixel 2 are so as they seem.

And more devices?

The introduction of the new Pixel does not mean that there is no room for more devices and it is that smart headphones are becoming more plausible. Beside them, we were able to see the first iteration of Google Home announcer.

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