Google Play Protect is now available to everyone

Google Play Protect is now available to everyone


A few months ago, we announced the arrival of Google Play Protect, a new system that protects us by periodically checking the applications of the store we installed. Although it has begun to reach some users for some time, it is now available to everyone.

Google Play protects now available for everyone

Introduced in the past Google I / O, Google Play Protect is Google's latest security measure to make our Android better protected from potential threats. This tool began to arrive some time ago to a great number of users, although not all had.

Today we have news, and finally Google Play Protect will reach other users who have not. Once your app store is upgraded to the latest version, we'll know that we're protected by signing in Google Play-> My Apps . The Google Play Protect logo will appear in the header, indicating the date of the last scan.


In case you do not remember that I was going, we update the memory for you. Google Play Protect is a security mechanism that continuously monitors all applications installed on Google Play, verifying that they are non-malicious applications such as viruses or malware. In addition to scanning the app store, it also periodically checks the apps we've installed on our device.

Do not have Google Play Protect? Just wait until the Google Play apps store updates to version 8.1 version of which the Google security tool already includes

Sure, it's great news, because on many occasions, Android security holes are exploited by apps, so root cut that problem is great news even though we do not get security updates.


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