Google prepares a speaker with screen and Google Assistant

Google prepares a speaker with screen and Google Assistant


A more comprehensive review of the latest beta of Google application reveals plans to create a Google Home with screen.

Not too long ago, we commented that in the new beta of the Google search application, we could customize the search bar. There are more since Android Police guys noted the APK code and reveals that Google would be preparing a Google home screen .

A Google Home screen is on the way

Thanks to a thorough examination of the APK, we can know the different functions that this Google Home with integrated screen can have. Obviously, since the Google application would serve to deal with each and every device in the Google ecosystem. And this latest beta reveals.

Among the most predictable functions is to play YouTube multimedia content and others. This includes control of the multimedia content you play in that app, and with it controls different tasks that you can already handle with the current Google Home. Which are?

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<p> Setting up alarms, cooking kitchen recipes, being able to check the weather … These are just a few examples of everything that was discovered within the beta of this application. This makes sense to a primordial detail, and it is that the Google Home suffers from that aspect of the intuition we receive <strong> by touching a screen. </strong> </p>
<p> Being voice controlled, Google Home has certain limitations. With the screen we have considerably increased these possibilities and we can even <strong> surf the internet, </strong> use Google Assistant more easily and other Google services, like Google Maps. </p>
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If Google sells a device like this, you'll have to do it well if you do not want the Amazon Echo to win the game

All this precedes under a name that is repeated several times within the application code: Quartz. What does this mean? One can say the name of the device or interface that deal with this Google Home. With the beta already between us, it is logical to think that Google could reveal this mystery sooner rather than later. But, at the moment, will play wait.

Download the latest beta of the Google application

Version: varies by device


Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device


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