Google publishes analysis within the Play Store in a new editorial section

Google publishes analysis within the Play Store in a new editorial section


When a market has few options and few elements among which to choose users usually have a problem, of course. However, in a place where there are many options, there are also disadvantages.

In this case, the difficulty is to choose what interests us in the right way and, above all, to discover the good within a sea of ​​sometimes mediocre possibilities.

The Google Play Store is an amazing app store. It is not perfect, but little by little it is improving, although there are still things to change. One of them is discovering good games and knowing whether or not we should install them.

We can say that for this are the evaluations, but in many cases we see how it is something that can be modified by a farm of clicks .

For Google to have always used the lists, it has positioned the best according to certain parameters, but it seems that today it makes a new step.

inside the Google Play Store so they can see what reviews from store publishers appear.

In concrete, we see the image of an article in which five racing games are tested. You can see that it gives information about each of them, like the rating or the amount of downloads it has, but it also gives the strengths of the game, the reasons why we should download them.

This opens a new way of recommending to users who should not even leave the store to know which apps are interesting and why they should try them out.

We do not know if it's a Google test or if you plan to implement it on all accounts. In El Androide Libre, we tried to access this section in several accounts, but we could not. Did you get the new section on your Google Play user?


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