Google will release the preview very soon

Google will release the preview very soon


It seems like a lie, but the MWC 2018 has already been left behind. Furniture, network technology, 5C, accessories … It was not one of the congresses in which many novelties were presented in our field, at least the most talked about; therefore, a large part of the companies reserve their arsenal for the very near future. One of them is Google: Android P is already warming up in the band.

The next version of the operating system is almost ready. So much so that in a few weeks, the first preview for the developers would come out, so says Evan Blass . There is not much more information on the final dates, but considering that last year we had Android O on March 21 certainly the premiere is reserved for almost now.

The launch of the first Android P preview will take place in mid-March

This is just the tweet of Evan: in mid-March for the first preview of what will be the next version of the operating system. A huge leap is expected in security and privacy protection as these are two of the factors that Android is most concerned about (unfairly). We'll also see an improvement in the approach to upgrades: Treble is not proving as useful in this respect as it seemed, especially since manufacturers are not releasing their new models directly with Oreo.

We have many brushstrokes of what he will propose Google with Android P . For example, we know that Google prepares an interface adapted to the style screens "notch", unfortunately the trend is here. There will also be improvements in autonomy, with Android P will have protected the and also the camera … And we will certainly see a new style in the interface, Renewal of Material Design is also on the air.

The first preview of Android P will be available in mid-March, Evan has all of our credibility. They will be able to install this version Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel . Of course, also the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Pixel C tablet, although this point is in the air: are devices with more than two years in the market and the updates are not insured.


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