Gorilla Glass turns ten, we review the history of resistant screens

Gorilla Glass turns ten, we review the history of resistant screens


Gorilla Glass, a name that celebrates ten years with us and has managed to become the symbol of the protection of our beloved smartphones.

We are in the era of smartphone, however, not long ago we live in a different era . The era of cell phones, devices with diversity of designs and an important feature … durability .

We talked about a time when we did not care about our devices, 90% of them were difficult as a stone, and then there was the [33459004] Nokia 3310, which was a cell phone made of stone .


Time does not go in the bucket and normal phones have been replaced by smartphones. Devices that are light years from their origins, being smarter, a multimedia spectacle and cannibalizing for compact digital cameras.

Although this breakthrough did not happen alone, smartphones came with an Achilles heel . A weak spot that their ancestors had forgotten years ago, we are talking about durability.

Corning Gorilla Glass

The first smartphones did not have this "all" resistance that had the first cell phones. Now we have devices that are tremendously evolved in their hardware and sometimes really fragile in "absurd" situations .

Ten years ago came a technology that tried to help keep our devices in conditions before different situations. The technology is called Gorilla Glass and came from the hand of Corning Inc .

What makes the Gorilla Glass special?

Originally, the Gorilla Glass is a standard glass designed with certain thickness specifications. That have evolved over time.

What makes special to the Gorilla Glass is its resistance this resistance is achieved thanks to a tempering process based on the exchange of ions. We explain the details of the process:

  • The crystal is immersed in a solution of salts at 400 ° C.
  • At this temperature, the small sodium ions of the crystal are released.
  • The solution greater than the potassium ions occupy the place left by the sodium ions.
  • Upon cooling the crystal, the larger larger ions are compressed with one another.

Thanks to this compression, the crystal achieves a surface resistant to high pressure levels and resistance to damage than a crystal without the treatment described above.

This is the basic process for getting the Gorilla Glass, however, we must remember that 10 years give a lot. And in those years, this technology has evolved, giving rise to different versions.

Gorilla Glass Samsung Galaxy S, the start of a spectacular saga "src =" https://elandroidelibre.elespanol.com/wp-content/uploads/ Samsung Galaxy S, the beginning of a spectacular saga "

This is the first version of Gorilla Glass, which after a few years of development made its portable appearance of the first iPhone in 2007 . Then it was extended to other devices, reaching up to 250 in this first generation.

Of all the devices that have enjoyed this first generation, we highlight the Samsung Galaxy S . A device that started a saga that wrote its name in the Android Hall of Fame.

Gorilla Glass 2

Google Nexus 4, the phone that put the Nexus in place "src =" https://elandroidelibre.elespanol.com/wp-content/uploads /2012/11/nexus-4-imagenes-011.jpg "alt =" Google Nexus 4, the phone that put the Nexus in place "

The second generation of our protagonist arrived in 2012. Being the first evolution of the original glass, it offers us the same resistance to damages and scratches.

Where it stands out is to get the same strength in a smaller thick glass than its first generation. In particular, it is a 20% thinner than its predecessor.

Nexus 4 a device that was the object of desire of anyone who wanted a Google experience on their device

Gorilla Glass 3

Motorola Moto G, the start of a great mid-range "src =" https://elandroidelibre.elespanol.com/wp-content/ MotoG-OS-Android-1920×1200-750×468.jpg "alt =" Motorola Moto G, the beginning of a large mid-range "

We arrived in 2013 and we were expecting the third generation of Gorilla Glass. If in the previous generation an excellent work was done reducing the thickness, in this third generation was emphasized to the increase of the resistance.

This new version of Gorilla Glass came with the [novatecnologiade called NDR – Resource Damage Resistance – . Thanks to this it is three times more resistant than the Gorilla Glass 2, being more resistant to the risks than before caused the glass breaking.

From this third generation of Gorilla Glass, we want to highlight a device that used this technology. A device that changed everything, obviously we talked about Motorola Moto G .

Gorilla Glass 4

 Sony Xperia XZ, the continuation of a philosophy "</p>
<p> In developing its new generation, Corning Inc. has done a study to see the needs of users. And thanks to this study, in 2014 came the fourth generation of Gorilla Glass. </p>
<p> The falls, which was the nightmare of users and Gorilla Glass 4 came to the rescue to try to solve a problem that has spread like an epidemic. To do this, they did numerous tests under different types of falls. </p>
<p> Thanks to <strong> Gorilla Glass 4 double strength was achieved against falls </strong>. Among the devices that have enjoyed this fourth generation, we highlight the <strong> Sony Xperia XZ </strong> evolution of a philosophy that the Japanese company has been polishing for years. </p>
<h3> Gorilla Glass 5 </h3>
<p> Huawei P10 the latest banner of the Asian brand "src =" https://elandroidelibre.elespanol.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04 /Huawei-P10-Plus-An%C3%A1lisis-2.jpg "alt =" Huawei P10 the last flag of the Asian brand "</p>
<p> We come to the current generation of Gorilla Glass, which takes advantage of the devices we can get today. This evolution increases the bet until a resistance <strong> to the fall of 1.6 meters </strong>. </p>
<p> Thanks to this evolution, we face the generation more resistant to falls, scratches and damages. All this <strong> maintaining great image clarity along with a great tactile response </strong>. </p>
<p> A representative of the devices that use this generation is the <strong> Huawei P10 </strong>. The device that enshrines the company as one of those that should be taken into consideration when acquiring a new device. </p>
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