HBO Spain free for six months at any Lowi rate

HBO Spain free for six months at any Lowi rate


Christmas promotions may not be as spectacular as before, but now virtual mobile operators are celebrating them.

The last to join the car was Lowi the Vodafone brand, which offers no less than six months of free access to the HBO Spain catalog as a Christmas present.

In addition, as a distinctive point, the operator decided to extend his gift to those who are already customers, so it will not be mandatory to register if we are already at the operator.

How to Register for free HBO Spain


In order to take advantage of the promotion, we will have to have a line with Lowi, be it new or old, and access the My Lowi application. When we are inside, we will receive a discount code that we can apply when registering on HBO Spain .

If we do not use the operator's application, we can also get this code on the company's website in our user profile.

Although we have six months free to take advantage of, we must register before January 31, 2018. At that time, we will start counting 180 days of free use of the service.

The entire catalog

Lowi's proposal has no limitations and we can use the HBO service in mobile applications and through the computer or TV if we use devices like Chromecast.

Considering that the subscription cost is 8 euros per month, we will save 48 euros with Lowi, a considerable amount, since it applies to all fees, not just the most expensive ones.

This move makes sense given that it's something we've seen in Vodafone, Lowi's parent company, which seems to be used to increase the number of users of the small subsidiary before Christmas.


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