HD quality and in application

HD quality and in application


Fill your onePlus with the best wallpapers with Pixywall, an application full of wallpapers inspired by the Chinese manufacturer.

The wallpapers and wallpapers are a simple way to personalize any cell phone with a distinctive twist. In fact, they add so much personality to the smartphone that there is no brand that launches an important cell phone without a series of wallpapers that will become standard. OnePlus is no stranger to this way of acting, but the application we propose is even better than lowering official funds from their mobile phones.

Pixywall is a simple free wallpaper application that takes any mobile a collection of the highest quality wallpapers. They are updated frequently and there are hundreds of them included. But why do we say in the title that they are inspired by OnePlus ? Not only do the developers claim, just take a look at the collection to find out what style they are based on.

Hundreds of wallpapers to download from a very careful application


Pixywall is an elegant application with a simple interface that not only facilitates the download of wallpapers, it is also a delight to navigate through it . Style Material Design for design, carton-like blocks, search and categorization of wallapapers, bookmarks … Included includes a dark mode for interface.

Besides the basic concepts in an application of this style, which is the navigation through the various wallpapers, its download and relevant application of the image as a background (something with which Pixywall perfectly fulfills), this application is based on the style of labeling created by OnePlus designers. In this way, we will have great photos with inspiring messages that fit perfectly on the screen. Landscapes, natural elements … The photos are a beauty.

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<p> Application of wallpapers is free. Funds are being renewed frequently, at least for now. And there is only advertising from time to time, <strong> especially before installing a wallpaper </strong>. It is not overly annoying, but jumps to full screen and with sound. In addition, Pixywall is an application that we recommend to you. </p>
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Version: 1.1


Requires Android 4.0.3 and above


Android 7 presentation por zorro

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