How to access the secret menu Telegram to restore contacts

How to access the secret menu Telegram to restore contacts


With the Telegram secret menu you can manage advanced contact options. Import the complete calendar, restore it … Discover how to activate it and what it is for.

There is no instant messaging application that maintains the Telegram level in terms of innovation. Objectively, this is so; even though the app does not have users to become a majority. And if we talk about innovation … Telegram has an uncountable amount of adjustments and options . Some secrets.

There is a hidden menu in the Telegram settings for Android that allows to perform some operations with the calendar of contacts. Since messaging depends on the cloud to be cross-platform and deliver messages on any device, it also stores our calendar in the cloud, so can be retrieved wherever we use it .

Import all contacts to Telegram and restore them with their secret menu


Telegram accesses the contacts we have on the phone when we install the application as with WhatsApp. It offers all those who have the application and those with whom we can talk through the application. And if a new friend joins you, Telegram will also alert us to your willingness to talk.

Imagine that you install Telegram on a cell phone with an empty phonebook and you want to import all those you have in the cloud thanks to the other connected devices . How to do it? Very easy:

  • Enter Telegram settings for Android and scroll to the bottom.
  • Look at the version number and press and hold it . You will receive an emoticon, continue to press again.
  • You will receive a secret menu. Just click on " Redefine Imported Contacts ".

The Telegram for Android will download the contacts you use to your smartphone that does not have a calendar, so you can start a conversation with them without any problems. In addition, you can also force import, reload contacts so that the application displays the updated list, force restore dialogs … With an addition in this secret menu: we can enable or disable camera use itself in the application . In this way, we will use the native camera of the cell phone or Telegram when sending a snapshot of the moment.

Did you know the existence of this secret menu in the Android application ? It is an option worth taking into account.


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