How to block mobile vibration in the browser and other applications

How to block mobile vibration in the browser and other applications


Prevents your mobile browser from activating the vibration with annoying ads. You can also remove vibration from other applications.

Certainly you've met more than once with this situation. You are browsing the web, you open a page and your cell phone vibrates when you call your attention to an ad . It's very annoying, right? Well, we're teaching you today how to eliminate access to the vibration of Google Chrome and other browsers. Also from the other apps, you decide.

The vibration permission is not registered as such among the options that the user can easily access, so there is no easy way to remove this application function . But at the developer level it is possible. And you just need a computer, USB cable and ADB installed and working.

How to remove the vibration permission from any installed application


The process is very simple, as reflected in XDA Developers . It can not be done with just the mobile phone, so you will need a computer on which to install ADB ; in addition to their drivers. How to do this easily? Here is a link to a simple tutorial with which you will have access to the mobile phone using the developer tool.

Have you already connected your phone to your computer using USB and ADB? Let's continue with the procedure to remove the vibration.

How to prevent the browser and other applications from vibrating to the mobile "src ="

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  • Download and install the application Application inspector . It will help you find the exact route on which each application on your mobile phone is saved.
  • Launch the application and choose the one you want. For example, Google Chrome.
  • Note the package name or " Package name ".
  • Connects your phone to your computer using USB. Make sure that the " debug mode " is active on your Android
  • Accept the RSA key access request that will appear on your phone.
  • Open a terminal window, type " adb devices " and press enter. Make sure your Android is listed.
  • Enter " adb shell " and give an introduction.
  • Now enter the following command: " cmd appops set [nombre_del_paquete] VIBRATE ignore ". You should change "[nombre_del_paquete]" to the application you want ("" in the Google Chrome browser case.)
  • Once you press Enter, you will remove the vibration of the application.

Please note that this manual method is suitable for applications that do not allow vibration to be removed from user settings. You do not need ROOT and it does not involve risk to your phone. And you will surf the web much more at ease.


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