How to completely disable or uninstall themes Substratum

How to completely disable or uninstall themes Substratum


Did you leave the Substratum themes out there not knowing what to do? Safely uninstall and disable them with this tutorial.

One thing that usually happens with the obsession with Android customization is that we do not stop trying combinations. We are always installing and uninstalling applications, components and others to give this ringtone to our phone (which we will hold in the future). Especially passes with Substratum.

And it's a lot of people who usually ask me the best way to disable and uninstall these themes completely from your device. Today we will teach you to clean your Android of the issues you had the guts to install.


Uninstall your Substratum themes completely

Substratum is based on an ingenious system of theming by layers. That is, you can customize different parts of the system independently by mixing themes or simply implementing the just and necessary ones. And so you get endless possibilities, especially if you still have applications like New Launcher or Zooper Widget .

But when we are implementing such issues so intrusively into our system, it often happens (at least to me) that we forget these issues or simply uninstall them from the settings. More than once, I found a part still modified by a theme already removed from the system.

And while in theory, uninstalling the application is enough, so you're sure to disable or uninstall them. So let's start with the simplest: disable them.

How to disable Substratum themes

Do you want to change one theme to another, but you do not want to uninstall it for another chance? Quiet, you can turn off themes. It is very simple and has absolutely no complications.

  • We open the Substratum application and click on the subject we want to disable.
  • In the classic menu to apply the themes, we will give the 3 points in the upper right corner to open the options section.
  • Click "Disable installed layers". With this, after a short restart of the interface, you will deactivate the layers of the theme.
  • And if you want to delete these layers but not the theme, you must first deactivate them as we said and return to the same menu and click "Erase installed layers".

 How to disable or uninstall Substratum themes completely "</p>
<p> And again we insist that, in theory, to erase them directly should be sufficient. But it's not the first time for me or other people who, after deleting the layers without disabling them, found some parts of the system still customized. So be sure to turn them off first if you flies. </p>
<h3> Uninstalling complete Substratum themes </h3>
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