How to connect your phone to your computer with Dell Mobile Connect

How to connect your phone to your computer with Dell Mobile Connect


Convergence has been a utopia for several years. The idea of ​​being able to have a single device that fits the needs proved not to be as useful as we would like, at least for now.

So some brands decided to create compatibility solutions between different devices. For example, Apple made your cell phone and your laptops sync up and we could even pick up calls from your computer.

Other companies have made similar solutions. The latest was Dell, which has launched a new application at CES 2018 so that Android and iOS users can link their phones with the manufacturer's computers.

Which devices are supported?


Dell informs that compatible computers are those that were sold in China from December 2017 and the rest of the world from 2018. However, the tests for this article were made with a device purchased in November of the year passed and presented in the summer of the same year.

Yes, the Android terminal has to use the version 5.0 Lollipop or higher and Dell indicates that it can not guarantee that it works. We tested in a high range, as is OnePlus 5 and in a low range as is Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A and in both works. The only difference is that the latter does not have Wifi Direct and the screen sharing option is canceled.

What programs should I install?

The system uses applications on both terminals, the mobile phone and the computer, so we must install both. In addition, we may be asked to update the second drivers.

How to configure it?

After installing the necessary applications and programs, we will have to link our mobile phone to the computer, using the bluetooth connection of both . After running the process every time you turn on the computer, a notification that our phone is connected will be ignored.

What can we do?

The options of this program are quite high. Some make the interface of the computer, but if something does not exist, we can replicate the screen of the mobile in the computer in a simple way and use the smartphone from there.

Calls using the hands-free computer

One of the most comfortable functions is to use our computer to receive calls. We just need to pick up the red button without calling us or enter the number on the panel if we want to call us. We can also find the contact.

The quality of the audio however is not very good although this depends on the type of computer we can and if we use headphones, speakers, etc.

Contact Management

Another of the tabs opens the contacts of our cell phone and we can consult them or call them that section of the application.

SMS Management

Likewise, we can read the SMS you sent us. We can also create a new SMS using the laptop keyboard and a button with the application's own emoticons.


Notifications Notify me of updates to this product.

All notifications that arrive on our smartphone can be managed in the corresponding section. We can only see them and delete them, but if we want to do something else, we should go to the next option.

Of course, we can choose which apps are the ones that send us notifications . For example, we shut down the Telegram, since we already had the application installed on Windows.

Duplicate fabric

The most striking feature is one that allows us to mirror the screen of our phone and use it on the computer. This is done through Wifi Direct so if our smartphone does not integrate it, it will be impossible to use this specific function.

The speed is not as high as we'd like, but for a timely consultation or management it's interesting.

Some disadvantages

does not have the configuration in Spanish and for example when we click on the letter Ñ ​​a different character appears .

If we have a touch screen computer we can use it to move on the screen of the phone, but with one finger, without pinch zoom or advanced gestures.

On the other hand, blocking the terminal prevents us from accessing it. This, however, is easily solved by putting the computer as a trusted device in SmartLock.

Undoubtedly, an interesting application to at least try if our computer is compatible with this.


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