How to disable retail mode or store mode of Sony Xperia

How to disable retail mode or store mode of Sony Xperia


When we buy a cell phone, we can choose to go to a physical store or buy it on the Internet. In both cases, it is likely that we will approach a store to see what the device is and what the sensations it gives us.

When we enter into any trade, we will see that the cellphones are exposed, with their corresponding security systems, in a showcase where demonstrations are played, or images and demonstration videos.

These apps are designed to attract the attention of buyers, but what happens if we activate Store mode or retail mode on a normal cell phone? Well, we can not use it well. So we tell you how to turn it off on Sony's cell phones.

How to disable Sony Xperia retail mode or store mode


If we have a Japanese company cell phone and from time to time a video appears that seems to be an announcement of the cell phone itself or if every time we restart we lose what we had at the tables we have assets Store mode .

This mode, as we say, has a very specific configuration that is a nuisance if the mobile is for personal use : the screen brightness is at the maximum, we can not put or remove applications from the desktops and that when they restart they will erase …

We can search the application in the settings, but we can not disable it, just force the stop. And when the phone reboots, it starts again.

To solve it, we have to go to the phone application and insert a code ( * # * # 73556673 # * # * ) that will disable this mode.

When we do, we'll see a message in which we're notified that Retail Mode has been disabled.

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<h2> I can not get the keyboard and I can not enter the code </h2>
<p> Sometimes we do not have access to the keyboard, so we need to perform a step <a href= previous .

We go to the applications menu, click the contacts and touch the menu button, one in the upper right corner represented by three points.

Click on Settings and on the screen that we left, we should press just above the system virtual buttons (Start, Back and Multitasking) in the white area.

After a few seconds a box will appear asking for the service code. If we click on this box, the keyboard will appear, and then we can put the previous code.


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