How to download Android applications from your computer

How to download Android applications from your computer


There are times when we need to download apps from another site besides the phone. Can it be from the computer?

Of course. We can download Android apps beyond our phone. Sometimes it is even more comfortable to do it, from our desk or on our laptop we have more accessibility than when we pick up the phone, we unblock and so on. And not only is it possible, but there are multiple forms.

We will show you knowingly how to download apps from your computer. Of course, you have to have certain points to keep in mind that we will explain it as we teach it. But do not worry; is surprisingly easy.


The simplest: Google Play Store

We start with the most obvious and simple: the Play Store, but in its desktop version. If we sign in with our Google Account on your computer and enter the Google Play Store, we can download apps just as if we were on the phone.

We only have to select the application, click on "Install" and select the device on which we want to install the application. It does not have more than that and although it is not an intuitive process, how to do it from the cell phone, is great for many of those occasions when it is more important to navigate our PC than in our computer.

Next level: the APKs

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<p> Like Windows with your programs, we can install standalone Google Play applications through some files called <strong> APKs. </strong> They would be the same as the .exe files with which we installed programs in Windows. But of course, it does not have the same benefits as the official Android store. </p>
<p> What can we report installing these apps outside the Play Store? It is true that it is much less secure given the dubious intentions that the Internet usually possesses, but it does bring a number of advantages that can tip the balance. These are some of the most notable: </p>
<li> <strong> Regional block | </strong> Some apps from the Google Play Store are blocked by the region you're on. This does not affect most APKs. </li>
<li> <strong> Application not available for your mobile | </strong> Today's applications need a number of requirements to allow it to be downloaded to Google Play. In case of not complying with them, we can use the APKs. </li>
<li> <strong> Backup of old versions | </strong> We have a backup of this application, but in an outdated version? Well, we can restore it with an APK with the same version and then update the application. </li>
<li> <strong> Download betas | </strong> While beta testing programs are in the Google Play Store, many developers choose to download APKs to test the latest improvements to their applications with a trial version. </li>
<li> <strong> Share with our circle | </strong> In the case of an app we love and we want to share it with someone who can not download it, we can always use the APKs to pass it on to our friends. </li>
<li> <strong> Very useful when you format your phone | </strong> When we've formatted our phone (which is good for us from time to time), it's sometimes more profitable to have a few APKs prepared instead of waiting for Google Play downloads. </li>
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Great, but what does this have to do with downloading apps from your computer?

 How to download apps from your computer instead of your mobile phone on Android "</p>
<p> Well precisely this, we can download these APKs from our computer. There are many ways, always of legality and never get into piracy. Therefore, the best ways to download these applications from our computer are based on this installation concept. We bring the best forms. </p>
<h3> Raccoon </h3>
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Download the Raccoon for Mac, Windows and Linux

Specialized pages: APKMirror, Uptodown …

 How to download apps from your computer instead of your mobile phone on Android "</p>
<p> We have many secure sites where you can download these files. They are not lacking, although the problem is that they are not as well known as they should be. The best examples maybe <a href= APKMirror and Uptodown sites leading this category. Especially the first, which belongs to one of the reference blogs in the American Android, Android Police.

On these websites, you can download the APKs that you need in a legal way, with all free applications being present on Google Play. It's nice to know that the same developers are often the ones who upload these APKs to these pages so their users can try the new features that they include.

 How to download apps from your computer instead of your mobile phone on Android "</p>
<p> The Uptodown case is special, as it still has an Android app that lets you download these APKs and keep them up to date. Obviously <strong> you will have to pass these files to your phone </strong> and install them from there, but you can download it from your computer without any problem. </p>
<p> With this, we closed this tutorial. We also warn you: keep <strong> very careful </strong> while downloading external APKs. Always go to reliable pages and download legal files that support the law and are reliable. This will not only gain security on your device. But we will also gain everything; Developers, users and Android. </p>
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