How to enable Google Assistant on an Android with a custom ROM

How to enable Google Assistant on an Android with a custom ROM


Today, we showed you how to enable Google Assistant on an Android with a custom ROM installed on it.

There are many who have celebrated the recent arrival of Google Assistant in Spain. The Google assistant finally speaks Spanish and is available on all Android devices that meet your requirements. And for many others, we have a reasonable doubt: what happens with custom ROMs ?

There are a few ways to have Google Assistant on our modified Android. It depends on Gapps or Google Apps that you install and the process you perform when you install the ROM. So we'll take a step-by-step tutorial to take advantage of this Google assistant on your mobile phone.


First: do you meet the requirements?

First, you should know that to have Google Assistant on your phone you must meet certain requirements. It's no use trying to activate it if you do not find it firsthand. Although the advantage is that they are quite affordable for the majority audience.

Here are the requirements you must meet to have the Google Assistant:

  • Have Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.
  • Have a minimum screen resolution of 720p ie HD.
  • Having 1GB of RAM or higher.

As you can see, they are features very reasonable and easy to get, so the vast majority of you can have Wizard without problem. There are two methods available to be able to have Wizard in a custom ROM. Let's start.

First method: flash the appropriate gapps

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<p> When installing a custom ROM, if we want Google services, we will have to skip <strong> a gapps or Google Apps. </strong> A package that includes Google services and the ability to have the Google Play Store on your phone. The point is that there are <strong> many versions. </strong> </p>
<p> The key is to download some gapps with which you can unlock the Google Assistant. If you do not want a strong Google presence on your modified Android, the minimum gapps are <strong> "nano" gapps </strong> that you can find in <a href= OpenGapps.

  • We started OpenGapps to download the corresponding gapps.
  • We selected the architecture of your phone, the version of Android you need and download gapps "nano" or higher. It depends on the Google presence level you want on your Android phone.
  • We slip the gapps with the same procedure we used to flash the ROM.
  • We've set up Google Assistant for the Google app.

This method has been tested successfully on several phones, the most prominent being a OnePlus X and a Galaxy S4. In fact, the gapps with the smallest Google presence are the "peak" gapps and it was not possible to activate Google Assistant. So you have this in mind.

Second method: "Google Assistant Enabler"

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<p> Our colleague Gonzalo already informed us about this method in an independent tutorial <a href= that you can read without problem. This method was what I used before attempting the "nano" gapps, since I've always used the "peak" on my personal cell phone.

A user's work from the developer community XDA Developers "Google Assistant Enabler" is a flasheable file as the gapps but with the sole and sole purpose of activating the Wizard on all Android mobile devices and with a compatible recovery.

Although we have to warn you of something. I've used this .zip for a long time and, although it was stable, I noticed considerable battery drain by the Google application that preinstalls this zip on the system. We do not know if it's an isolated case, but with the "nano" gapps there was no problem.

If you want a personal recommendation, it's best to download the OpenGapps gapps. Although the Google Assistant Enabler is stable and reliable, OpenGapps is still a well-known site and a reference in terms of these practices. Following the steps, you can have Google Assistant on your Android with no problems.

Do you like the Google Assistant?


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