How to experience the new Star Wars game before anyone else

How to experience the new Star Wars game before anyone else


Disney has sent a new Star Wars game to Google Play. This game is available to register and receive a warning when it's available, but there's a little trick to access the game from today through Google Play.

The new Star Wars game in the previous record

Yesterday, we told you about the arrival of a new Star Wars game, published by Disney itself. It is a third person title in which we control one of many Star Wars heroes in a player vs. player format (PvP). A free game and includes micropayments, although it is not yet known if the system will be worth it.


One problem with the game is that despite what we loved the video trailer, it was not available for download yet. If we went to Google Play, there was a button that told us that the game is only in the pre-registration phase. A button that, if checked, will notify us when the game is officially available.

How to test the game before anyone else

Fortunately, little time passed before the previous registration phase was not the only thing to get to Google Play. Since recently, it's also possible to sign up for the Google Store for the beta with the Google Play test program.

Through this method, you can play Star Wars: Rebels before anyone, and officially. To do this, simply sign up to the following Google Play link to accept the terms of the betas program.

Sign the test program for Star Wars: Rivals.

Once accepted, we will have to go to the app on Google Play. In the betas program they indicate that, from the beginning, it can take a few hours until we can download it. I had to wait 5 minutes to download.

Remember that although we can play it before anyone else, it is a game in the test phase, so it may have several flaws and, by accepting the betas program, we are assuming we are aware of this.



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