How to have internet in the car with these accessories

How to have internet in the car with these accessories


Even if your car does not have built-in Internet, with the help of certain devices, you can add a Wi-Fi network to your car if it does not have it in the factory.

The latest cars bring the extra to offer internet to all passengers to liven up the trip without them passing their fare data. Here we will explain how any car can have its personal Wi-Fi network. It does not matter the years of the car.

One of the novelties that are being announced in the new cars that are launched in the market is l to incorporate Wi-Fi for all passengers . Something very useful for long trips and for the passengers to be entertained. Whether you are consuming Netflix content, such as series or movies, or listening to music online. Although a good game for the Clash Royale also falls.


This type of entertainment involves a considerable expense in data rate. That's why the manufacturers have chosen to incorporate a Wi-Fi hotspot into their vehicles and that all passengers have access to the Internet without spending data on their rates. Of course, this is for new cars. But there is a way to have it in any car.

Can be obtained using a portable router and a USB modem with support for SIM cards or opting for the most expensive option, where everything is included in one. This already depends on your budget and what you want to spend. Because you should keep in mind that you will also have to get a SIM only data card in an operator.

Data plans only, the cheapest

Competition among mobile operators means there are good deals on some to attract more users. When it comes to having lots of data, it is not advisable to go to large operators such as Vodafone or Movistar. They offer very good coverage, but the price plans are almost double the other operators.

  • Lowi – 8GB – € 15 / month (cumulative data)
  • Yoigo – 25GB – € 32 / month (first 6 months at € 25.60)
  • Amena – 10GB – € 19.95 / month
  • Amena – 25GB – 24.95 € / month
  • Pepephone – 19GB – 19.9 € / month

These are the mobile rates that you can hire today with more data per month . Personally, I think to offer internet in your car, Lowi is best to accumulate the data. If, for several months, you do not exceed the excess, the month in which you will have the data pad that you left in the other months.

Of course, you may not need as much data and one with less will suffice. The operators placed before have, in general, a good relation price / gigas.

USB modem + portable router, the most economical

The most economical solution I found on the Internet was a portable router with USB modem support . The device would connect to the Internet from the USB modem and transmit it to everyone within the radius of the router itself.

We saw this TP-Link model compatible with 3G and 4G USB modems. It is configured by accessing the IP, entering a username and password and it is configured here. To do this, add a charger to the car plug that is powering the router and you will have Wi-Fi throughout the car (and to the surroundings), for example if you go camping.

 TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Wireless Router Width N 3G / 4G wireless =

TP-LINK TL-MR3020 N Portable Wireless Router 3G / 4G

 Huawei E3531 - HSPA + USB Modem, free black color, 3.5 g width =

Huawei E3531 – USB Modem HSPA +, free black color, 3.5 g

All in one, compact and battery

A more expensive option that brings together the USB modem and the router on the same device is this other TP-Link device. The interior has a slot to incorporate the SIM card and even a microSD card. What distinguishes this model from the previous one is that it has autonomy without being constantly connected . It includes a 2000 mAh battery which, according to the manufacturer, gives us between 6-7 hours of autonomy .

This device allows up to 10 users connected simultaneously. So like we want for a car, unless we go on a bus, we do not need more than 7 if we are going in a van or caravan. If the trip is longer, it is as easy as connecting it to a cigarette lighter charger to give all passengers the internet.

 TP-LINK M5250 - 3G high speed router WiFi (3 year warranty, Wi-Fi hotspot, high speed, up to 7 hours, HSPA +)

<p> TP-LINK M5250 – 3G WiFi High Speed ​​Router (3 year warranty, Wi-Fi hotspot, high speed, up to 7 hours, HSPA +)
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<h2> More expensive, a computer on board </h2>
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The last option is perhaps the most expensive of all, but also the most complete. It is a device similar to the previous one. That is, a router that already has a port to insert a SIM card. But this option is capable of offering dualband internet, that is, in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and the 5 GHz band . Although, despite the price and specifications, it only allows 10 devices simultaneously.

Like the previous option, it has an integrated battery to operate without power. It incorporates a 2000 mAh battery which provides a total battery life of up to 10 hours . So we can keep a greater distance without having to connect it to power.

 TP-LINK M7350 - 4G LTE Cellular Router (2.4GHz or 5GHz dual band, supports up to 10 devices simultaneously), black color width =

TP-LINK M7350 – 4G LTE mobile router (2.4GHz or 5GHz dual band, supports up to 10 devices simultaneously), black color

Last option: share your phone's internet

As a final option is to use your cell phone as a WiFi access point . In the settings menu you can configure your smartphone to act as a wireless access point. Thus, by enabling access point mode and connecting it to the charger so that it does not reach the destination without a battery, you can give the passengers internet. What is the problem with this option? You need to choose a higher data rate in your personal line.

It is true that if you opt for other devices, you would need to add another mobile line to provide data in your car. But perhaps in your company, you stay permanently, you do not want to change the operator or the current one you are in, plans with lots of data are very expensive. There are other operators like Yoigo, Pepephone or Lowi (this is perhaps the most recommended by the megabyte accumulation), whose rates with more data are not excessively expensive depending on what it offers and the competition.

However, if you are currently at an operator who offers plans with lots of data at a good price, you can reconsider using your smartphone as a WiFi access point . I, in the case of my family, one of us has a fair amount of data to spend and I always end up using it as an access point.

It's up to you to see what pays the most. Whether you opt for an additional line or improve a family for everyone to enjoy.


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