How to have portrait mode on the front camera of the OnePlus...

How to have portrait mode on the front camera of the OnePlus 5


Double cameras live a sweet moment. Many users want them to take snapshots with effects that, in theory, can not be done with the cameras on a sensor.

Despite last year, Google surprised us by implementing portrait mode in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL using artificial intelligence and computer photography to not need two sensors.

This is something that is at the heart of these cell phones, but an XDA developer has been working on extracting this app and adapting it to more phones. The result is evolving little by little as you know, but today we managed to use it in OnePlus 5 that was updated recently for Android 8.0 Oreo.

Portrait mode on front camera

or this direct link This application can be downloaded manually from the article link on XDA or from this direct link .

Once the application is downloaded, we can run it and give you the required permissions. The interface is the same as we have in the Pixels and the Portrait Mode option will appear in the upper left menu, although it is called Undo the effect .

When we activate and press to take a picture, the camera application will prompt us to move the phone up a bit. This is used to create the depth map with which the blur will be executed.

The result you see is acceptable, although edge trimming is not as accurate as on Pixel 2 or on the back if we use the original OnePlus camera.

Also on the rear camera

The application is also able to perform the same action with the rear camera, although the result does not look so good, especially since in a mobile phone, like OnePlus 5, we have this option natively.

Nevertheless, it is appreciated that there are applications like this and that the project continues to evolve. In addition to the blurred images, we can record in 4K, something that until now with this application was impossible.

We tried the APK on other phones, such as the LG V30 where it worked only once, the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 where it is installed and the black screen or Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A appears, where it directly gives an end forced.

As we said in the previous article it is possible that your phone works even if it is not a OnePlus 5, then we invite you to try to leave us a comment saying how it was.


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