How to install Android One on Xiaomi Mi 5X and move to...

How to install Android One on Xiaomi Mi 5X and move to My A1


Knowing that the Xiaomi Mi 5X is the same phone as the Xiaomi Mi A1 recently released with Android One, we can install Android One on Xiaomi Mi 5X. This way, we will take full advantage of Android One without buying a new phone.

Xiaomi and Google surprised us a few days ago by introducing the new Xiaomi Mi A1 . The first Xiaomi smartphone that does not have MIUI, which comes out with pure Android and in collaboration with Google . It is a dream come true for many potential buyers. Xiaomi hardware and construction, running with Google software.

But the Xiaomi Mi A1 is not a new terminal, is still a Xiaomi Mi 5X . Its interior or its specifications are not a mystery to us. What if a Xiaomi Mi A1 is an Mi 5X with the OS changed, what prevents us from installing Android One on Xiaomi Mi 5X?

Tutorial: how to install Android One on Xiaomi Mi 5X

The novelty appeared in the English forums of MIUI and is a door of the Android version of the Xiaomi Mi A1 for the Xiaomi Mi 5X. Installing is as simple as blinking the ZIP by in the publication . Although before we have to have the Xiaomi Mi 5X with the bootloader unlocked and with TWRP as a custom recovery.

In this way, we can have a Xiaomi Mi 5X with pure Android without the Xiaomi customization layer. It is very unlikely that we will find errors to be the same phone. Perfect if we do not like MIUI, or if we want to try something new.

The only bad problem is that we will not have Android One support ; we will have to wait until he first goes to the Mi A1, and for a cook to take him to Mi 5X later. It's not a complicated process, but it's not the same as getting updates from Xiaomi. If you are interested in Android One, the best thing you can do is go to the Mi A1.

On the other hand, there have been warnings for owners of a Xiaomi Mi 5X: do not install directly Xiaomi Mi A1 version . The phone with Android One uses a different partition table to be compatible with Google Updates . Therefore, you must adapt the version before installing it .


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