How to read the messages of WhatsApp deleted without complications

How to read the messages of WhatsApp deleted without complications


This message has been deleted. Do not like to see this phrase in your WhatsApp chats? An application already exists that will display them.

That WhatsApp messages can be deleted has been a function we asked of its users for years. And we still have it recently. Not satisfied with this, there is still a disadvantage that the Telegram is saved: when you delete a message, the other person will know.

Because the message is not completely deleted. There is a text that says "This message has been deleted". And yes, for security reasons, it can be understood. But if you do not like to delete uncertain messages, there is an application that shows even if they were deleted. His name is WhatsRemoved and today we show you.


Recover deleted messages with WhatsRemoved

WhatsRemoved is a simple application whose sole purpose is to capture the deleted messages and save them as they were before they were deleted. So by looking at the application, you can read the messages that your callers have been deleted.

The funny thing is that WhatsRemoved will keep the messages and it will also alert us. Let's say you're out of WhatsApp and notifications are coming. If one of these messages is deleted, it is not deleted from the notification. And in addition, WhatsRemoved will also notify you about the content of this message.

 Read deleted WhatsApp messages thanks to WhatsRemoved </p>
<p> Of course, for the app to take effect, we will have to give permission <strong> to observe our notifications. </strong> It is a sacrifice in privacy, since we do not have an application that analyzes our notifications and saves them. Worth it? Enter in your criteria. </p>
<p> Although one thing that gives us some relief is that the application <strong> does not hide anything else. </strong> WhatsRemoved is a very short and empty application with this function and that's it. If we dig a little deeper into WhatsRemoved, we'll see some purely aesthetic adjustments and nothing more. </p>
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Version: 2.0.2

Author: Development Colors

Requires Android 4.4 and above

Do you think WhatsApp should allow the complete deletion of messages?


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