How to send files without Internet with the application My Drop of...

How to send files without Internet with the application My Drop of Xiaomi


Talking about Xiaomi and talking about MIUI is almost the same, at least if we focus on cell phones. It is true that the graphical layer of the Chinese company takes some time without major aesthetic changes, but it is also true that it incorporates very useful functions.

In recent months the company has adopted the policy of launching some of their apps on the Google Play Store so that they can be used by all Android mobile users, not just those who have one they use.

One of these applications is My Drop an application that allows us to send files between two phones without internet and without using slow bluetooth. It is pre-installed on phones with MIUI version 7 and above and now we can put it on any device with this operating system.

My Drop, easy and easy to use

This application has an extremely simple interface and when we install it, we will simply have to select if we want to receive or send a file. In one, we will send and in the terminal where we want to receive it, we will only have to accept this sending.

On the left side, we received the element manager in case we want to take any action with them.

Lets you send photos, videos, text files and even applications, taking what we want from the list of installed applications. To do this, it creates a Wi-Fi connection between the two chosen mobile phones.

 How to send files without Internet with the application My Drop of Xiaomi "width =" 800 "height =" 474 "/> <br /> As we explained, it does not use bluetooth nor data, so <strong> we have to fear that it will be slow or that we will spend our monthly fee </strong> We also need to mention that if we have a large file and the transfer is cut, we can resume it later without having to start it again </p>
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At a time when we all have applications like WhatsApp, maybe My Drop seems nonsense, but it's not a bad idea to have such an application, especially if we use it between two specific mobile devices on a recurring basis.

Version: 1.5.9

Author: Xiaomi Inc.

Requires Android 4.4 and higher


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