How to set up mobile payments on Android 8 Oreo

How to set up mobile payments on Android 8 Oreo


Already updated for Android 8 Oreo? Congratulations, you're in luck. Also, if you are looking for where the mobile payment options are: we will find them for you.

The latest version of Android has put all the menus of the system and also some of the most rooted functions, such as notifications. There are elements that are now hard to find, as I have with the mobile payments option . How to select another application if you do not use Android Pay, the system that brings Android by default?

The first thing is have mobile payments set up in your bank order . BBVA, Caixa Bank, Banco Santander … No matter which one you use, it will be compatible with mobile payments on Android 8 Oreo. But you need to make this application default.

Choose which mobile payments will be defaulted


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The best thing to pay with your cell phone is that you do not need any type of card and can afford the purchase with the smartphone approach gesture. Android allows to set an app as default so that it is sufficient to have the phone unlocked and not have to open anything else. Its activation varies according to the system version and according to the mobile phone, in Android 8 Oreo is made in such a way that:

  • Make sure your bank order is set up correctly to make mobile payments .
  • Open Android settings and go to "Applications and notifications"
  • Go to "Default applications".
  • Click on "Play & Pay" and choose your bank payment method instead of the already marked Android Pay.
  • You can choose whether to always use this application or only when it is not open. With the second option you can toggle between the cards (if you have account in two different entities, for example).


With Android 8 Oreo, we have more control over the system and also everything that keeps us registered, but also changed many of the settings we were accustomed to. This is an example, also the box " Unknown Origins ". Without essentially changing our system: Android is still as reliable and customizable as we know it.


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