How to translate chats in chats with Google Allo

How to translate chats in chats with Google Allo


Chat conversations we're having on Google Allo are already translated. We explain how to do it in a simple tutorial.

After attempts like Hangouts and Google Talk, the search company is betting everything by Allo . Your new instant messaging application has exciting features like direct connection to the Google Assistant or advanced file upload. Although it seems complicated that it reaches the same dimensions of success that rivals like WhatsApp Telegram or Facebook Messenger .

Luckily, Google does not seem to give up and continues to add new features to the app. Recently, and after much waiting, they have made their web client speak publicly to Google Allo from a computer. And today they added the possibility of translating the messages that we received nothing else comes to us. Perfect for speaking to people with whom we do not share the language or for practicing new languages.

How to translate Google Allo conversations

  1. When you receive a message in a language other than yours, press and hold the message.
  2. Search the top bar of the translator icon and hit it.
  3. Messages will be translated just below the original message.
  4. To stop translating, touch the message and press the translation icon again

The translation does not work on individual chats, but in groups, according to AndroidPolice. We have tried several members of the editorial staff of The Free Android without success. If you still do not see the function on your smartphone, do not despair: everything seems to indicate that will reach everyone with the passage of hours or days .

Google Allo 18 comes as an update to Google Play where it can be updated. If you want to force the update, APKMirror has the APK to install on our device. If you do not have Allo yet, it's free and you can download it to the Play Store .



Requires Android 4.1 and above


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