Huawei beats Apple in the sale of phones in Europe

Huawei beats Apple in the sale of phones in Europe


One of the most well-known Chinese manufacturers in the world have reason to celebrate today. Huawei once again sold more phones than Apple in the second quarter of 2017.

If we must talk about Chinese brands have become famous by their own weight, we can not fail to mention Huawei . The telecommunications equipment manufacturer spent several years betting heavily on smartphones. And this shows in the market results where achieve an enviable presence .

To be exact, in 2016 Huawei little overtook Apple in Central and Eastern Europe . In the first quarter of 2017 Apple reclaimed the second position thanks to the iPhone 7 Plus. But Huawei again surpassed again in the second quarter, rising above the apple maker.

Huawei again overtake Apple in Central and Eastern Europe

To be exact, the first quarter of 2017 was dominated by a good iPhone 7 campaign, while paid Huawei have been very aggressive in late 2016. But Apple's sales have dropped slightly. Enough to comeback from Huawei again put them on according to a study conducted by the company Canalys.

The Central and Eastern European market is not doing very well for Apple, anyway. Samsung has a dominant position difficult to overthrow. Overtake Huawei to the second place relegates brand Cupertino become the third maker.

And are closely followed by Xiaomi (rooms) and Lenovo (fifth). The rest of the market represents 33%. Below you can see a graph of the same signature with percentages of each brand .

 Eastern and Central European market Chart in the second quarter of 2017 </p>
<p> The situation in the international market is similar: Huawei is just behind Apple in sales <strong> 3 million units </strong>. And both companies prepared for September launch, the iPhone Huawei Companion 8 and 10. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to each of them. </p>
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