Huawei publishes the source code of Mate 10 and Honor 7X

Huawei publishes the source code of Mate 10 and Honor 7X


Although most users who buy a cell phone never run root access or change ROMs, there are reasons why companies release the source code of their devices, something they are not required to do.

Huawei is a company that focuses on growing in different markets and is no longer satisfied to be large, looking to be the largest in a few years.

For this he knows that he has to use all the tools at his disposal and the most enthusiastic about mobile technology is one of them. Although there are not many users compared to the rest of the buyers, they are passionate people who are able to create trends and recommend brands and devices in their environment.

Source code of Huawei Mate 10 and Honor 7X


Taking care of the community is one of the reasons why Huawei has released the Kernel or source code of two of its latest mobile phones. On the one hand, we have the Huawei Mate 10, a terminal that stands out above all for its artificial intelligence.

The source code for an Honor, 7X, has also been released and will start selling in Europe in a few days.

New ROMs thanks to these codes

 Huawei publishes source code for Mate 10 and Honor 7X "</p>
<p> One of the greatest possibilities offered by the code offered by the manufacturers is the possibility of creating much more stable ROMs that express the full potential of the cell phones for which they were created. </p>
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It is not the first time that Huawei publishes the codes of their cell phones, since the mere fact of using Android forces them, but it seems that the Chinese company is struggling to improve . To have the Mate 9 kernel, it took 6 months and for its much lesser successor, only 6 weeks.


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