I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress, story

I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress, story


I do not know why the commissary summoned me to his office. It's "an urgent mission," he told me over the phone, but he did not want to clarify anything else. As if we did not have enough at the police station with the Mobile World Congress, the mobile phones brought Barcelona together with people and work. I do not know which one.

Well, maybe I can relax from the hustle and bustle. A silent investigation, that's what I need. For example, an assault case in a bakery, which now I want a good croissant.

MWC 2018: day 1


– You will have to infiltrate the Mobile World Congress as a journalist to take advantage of these conditions and interview the participants without suspicion until you find a patent thief.

The inspector looked at the superior with a face that blended incredulity, surprise and ignorance. Much more of the latter; which increased as the commissioner detailed the details of the case.

-Iván, you must locate a technology expert who came to the conference to steal the implementation of 5G protocols in experimental broadcast cells owned by Techmix. They save energy while expanding their range of coverage and speed, which makes them much more efficient.

On the inspector's face, it seemed like suddenly they were talking to him in Chinese.

"Between us, Commissar," interrupted Ivan. Do you have any idea what you're telling me?
No one, Inspector. I just read what you put in the case file.
– And how do you want me to find a 5G thief if I do not understand what it is or how it works?

The commissioner got up from his chair, closed the file with all the documents of the case, handed it to the subordinate and indicated with gestures where the door of the office was.

– That's your problem. You have four days.

The police inspector accredited as a journalist

 I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress "</p>
<p> This is one of the most curious cases of my career. This is not the first time I have to infiltrate, but it is one of the few times I have no idea where to start. I've always seen the Mobile World Congress out as an event that attracted trouble because of the large number of people who came to Barcelona but never visited it from the inside. And besides, I can not use my police credentials, I'm going to have to settle for journalists. </p>
<p> Well, let's go in and start with the case. There will not be many companies that are dedicated to the happy 5G besides Techmix, so it will be enough to do a sorting, locate the most important and interview your executives in search of clues. </p>
<p> <img class=

I've been in there for half an hour now and the only thing I've seen is cabinets with lights, receptionists and people who give things away. I did not know this was a flea market, they threw themselves into presents like hyenas throwing themselves through the flesh thrown by zookeepers. There's even ice cream! And I thought the people here came to work and do business … Anyway, you have to infiltrate, I go to one of those ice creams. And for such a green doll, which my son certainly likes.

What is 5G?

 <img class=

NTT Docomo robot remotely controlled with 5G to track the Japanese calligraphy


– What is 5G? The executive was surprised by the issue. He examined the accreditation of Ivan, the alleged journalist, and then his face. It looked like he was serious. The 5G is the next revolution in mobile communications – the executive sighed in a way. This will allow much more speed and millions of devices to connect at the same time and with very low latency – the inspector was pointing. This will not only benefit cell phones but also connected objects.
– And why do we want the objects to be connected?
– For what? The executive's face looked like it was taken from a painting by Munch. Well, to improve safety, residential automation, for autonomous cars …
– I like to drive my car, I do not want to do it myself.
– But, that way, I could read the news on my cell phone, for example. And with the maximum speed that 5G allows.
That's another. Why do I want my cell phone to go faster if I have too much speed now?
-Well …
-A video is going fast, it does not make sense to download faster. And if he does, I'm sure I'll be without a fee first, do not you think?
"Well …" The executive wiped sweat on his suit sleeve without any dissimulation. Are you sure you're a technology journalist?
– Of course. Do you doubt this?
– The truth is that a little.
My last question. What other companies do you think are yours? In reference to 5G that.
– I would say that Techmix this year, their teams have made a lot of progress thanks to a new networking technology that it has patented. But ours, Sammax, is also at the forefront. We are number two in suppliers for operators.
-Behind Techmix.
– Yes, behind Techmix.

The inspector got up from the seat reaching the hand of his interviewee. The joy in the executive's face was visible. Sweat in your hands too.

It was a pleasure, said the inspector, who wiped his hand on his trousers.
In addition – the executive of Sammax lied -. Do you want a coffee? We also have croissants and other sweets.
– See now that says …

At the MWC there are also moments of leisure

 I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress "

<div id=

I have not finished understanding the 5G, but I see that with this technology several companies are struggling. Sammax, the Techmix of patents … And hundreds more: I asked what other MWC companies work on it and gave me a list of more than a hundred. It is impossible to visit all of them, so I will concentrate on the most important ones. After all, they have the money to invest in espionage.

Let's see where I'm going now … It's getting late, but I think it gives me time to get to Techmix. Although before I had an ice cream, the former was rich. And I'm going to get some of those pins, I'm sure my son likes them. I never imagined that those who visited this congress behaved like normal children that so many people want to come.

MWC 2018: day 2

 I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress "

<p class=

– Are you the president of Techmix?
That's right.
Perfect, I have some questions for you. In fact, I had them yesterday, but when I got there in the afternoon, they were not here anymore.
– Excuse me, last night we had the company party and I had to go early.
At six in the afternoon?
– In the event of a traffic jam, having a small snack, be present when the first guests arrived … You know, in the end, the deal closes at night, with a full stomach and a glass in hand.
– Out of curiosity. What time did the party end?
At three-thirty in the morning. I'm tired, but I owe it to my company: here's what you like.
– Begin with the question that interests me the most. What is your relationship with Sammax?
– But … Is that what matters most to your environment? Do not you want to know anything about the phones we present?
– Maybe later. Can you answer me the question?
Yes, of course. Techmix and Sammax are rivals in communication systems, protocols and software. We both developed our own 5G compatible equipment, the most important thing we brought to the congress. They are number one in this, we number two per turnover. Although Sammax does not develop furniture, we leverage network expertise to manufacture smartphones that can better leverage our 5G equipment.
– I suppose it was the cell phone he spoke of, the ones he introduced.
– Exactly. We believe that as many carriers market their 5G tariffs based on our towers and communication cells, private customers who purchase our new smartphones will benefit much more from networks. Higher download speed, greater coverage, better latency …
– Are they also the number one mobile phones?
– The truth is that we would like to, but not. I would say that Techmix is ​​among the top five in terms of mobile hardware, the number one company by sales is Randomers. Although we are committed to improving this from Techmix: we recently signed the Randomer hardware manager. We expect that, in a few years, our smartphones will scale positions by volume of distribution; thanks to the popularization of 5G and the fact that the cell phones will take advantage of our transmission cells, which are in patent process.
– I understand. And the other company …?
-Exact. And Randomers also develops 5G?
– No, they only make cell phones.

Everything is too far away

 I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress 

<p class=

Ceramic cat on a stand to test the camera of the LG V30S


It's nothing else, but I'm walking on the basis of good. I do not remember riding so much since that time that I left the car in the middle of nowhere and had to walk to the gas station in the nearest town. On top of everything is full of people, the more hurry you have, the more people stop in front of a post. Although I already have it under control: it is better to approach, I'm sure they give something.

The Mobile World Congress is full of tents with televisions, cell phones on display tables, and many brochures that commercials want you to carry with you, even if you throw them in the next trash. Some tents are as big as a mall, others are so small that they hardly give up a chair and a table. There are even enclosed enclosures that you just insert with invitation. As a private party, they even have the doorman.

 I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress "

<p class=

As I imagined, what I most see are cell phones. Many phones. Many. I do not know why they sell so much variety if, in the end, we all carry the same. And on top of that, they resemble each other! Why are you struggling to make technological junk if you're just like the rest and who buys for sure who uses it for WhatsApp and little else? The money seems to be moving, yes: there are more noodles here than in all the Las Vegas casinos together.

MWC 2018: day 3

 <img class= Hot Chocolate and Android on Google's terrace

Yesterday I was walking around searching for the Randomers company premises and in the end, concludes that it only has a tiny cubicle tucked away in an isolated place. I went through three whole pavilions, I did as many miles as if I had participated in a half marathon, I asked in dozens of places, they filled me with pins, pens, glasses, papers, anti-stress balls, candy, chocolates … Fortunately, the commissioner did not see me. It seemed that he had invaded a Chinese bazaar.

The fact is I'm running out of time, I'm sleepy and the five coffees in the press room do not work for me. Let's see what they say in Randomers …

Better at another time

 I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress 

<p class=

"I have an interview with the president of Randomers," the inspector said. The receptionist looked up from her cell phone and looked at him as if there was no one under the entrance. I'm a journalist, I had a commitment.
– With the president …
-Exact. That's Randomers, right?
– Yes – the receptionist analyzed the papers she had on the table.
It's six o'clock in the afternoon, just as we agreed to the interview.
-You will have to apologize to the president, but he left for the airport to avoid traffic: he returns to his country.
– How does he come back? The inspector wished for a moment to take out his pistol. But we had an interview!
-Sir, do not be upset. The president is very sorry, but the climatic conditions made his departure ahead. The Mobile World Congress is over.
– But tomorrow there is also a congress …
– You know, the best companies always close before Tuesday.

MWC 2018: day 4

 I know what you did in the last Mobile World Congress </div>
<p class= Wizards in MWC 2018 exchanging Android pins

As you can tell we're on Thursday, this is kind of empty. There are still executives, but now there are plenty of students and bullshitters. The variety of advertising objects that companies give is incredible. Although what strikes me is the amount of food and drinks, especially beer, which offer many positions.

I've researched everything I could and the case is more than clear. The problem is that I could not locate the suspect, but it's just a matter of catching him tomorrow, that he has not returned to his country yet. I called the commissioner and agreed to extend the investigation one more day.

 <img class=

Android team group photo at MWC 2018


Android 7 presentation por zorro

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