Instagram calls and video calls will arrive shortly

Instagram calls and video calls will arrive shortly


When Facebook bought Instagram many were the ones who did not finish seeing the profitability of paying billions to the company. Years later, it seems that this purchase was a bargain and that Instagram itself is consolidating as an alternative to Facebook among the most popular.

That's why more and more features are added to this platform so that your users have everything they want without having to even jump to the other ones in the corporation, like WhatsApp or Messenger.

The movement that is about to perform the service goes along this line and it seems that we will be able to talk to our contacts soon.

Calls and video calls on Instagram


A few weeks ago, we had the first reports that Instagram was working on these two new options, but now it has been seen that within the current APK of the application are the icons needed to perform the actions.

This means that the release of these new features, at least in beta, could be closer than we thought.

It is not clear if this function will be added in the area of ​​the private chats which is more likely, or will also appear in the profile of each of the people we follow and follow us. two different call icons, one for each side.

Complementing the application

Facebook has the gift of social applications in your hand, but it is at significant risk. Both WhatsApp and Instagram are filling several options.

For now, Instagram is doing well and implementing paragraphs, since the stories were a success.

Now, it remains that you know how to go the way without making the application too complex for more users to end up joining. Young people, the main niche of the service, always have fewer problems when using applications with many options, but this may change in the future.


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