Instagram fight against animal abuse warning you in your searches

Instagram fight against animal abuse warning you in your searches


Instagram now alerts all hashtags related to animal abuse and abuse. The network thus increases the protection of wildlife.

There is no social network that does not care about the behavior of its users, nor in vain also their reputation . We are witnessing today the proliferation of written assaults, painful comments and all kinds of threats, something we must eradicate among all. In addition, the abuse of animals in all its aspects, even if there are related curious contents.

How to stop the abuse and mistreatment of animals? From now on, Instagram will alert the controversial content through the hashtags. What are you looking for pictures that can try against wildlife? You will receive a notice to alert you that Instagram condemns the abuse and sale of endangered animals .

Instagram warns about improper use of hashtags, but does not block them


The new awareness campaign is designed to protect animals. Instagram joins nature protection associations, such as World Wildlife Fund or World Animal Protection . Not only will it promote good behavior with animals in the images, but will also end the illegal sale of protected species .

Any research that maintains a certain relationship with animal abuse will have a warning sign to raise awareness about who did it. This warning will not be more than that, an alert: the content will remain accessible simply by clicking on "Show Publications" . At least for now, the Instagram may eventually harden the community's rules.

According to Instagram:

The protection and security of the natural world are important to us and to our global community. We urge everyone to respect their interactions with the animal world, to help prevent exploitation, and to denounce any photos and videos that may violate the community's behavior guide.

The report on animal abuse is not yet available but will probably be introduced in the future.

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