Instagram stories are updated and will now be immortal

Instagram stories are updated and will now be immortal


The h istorias of Instagram increasingly postulate more as the core of the application, leaving the wall where we carry the photographs as something secondary. And with the move the company has just made, it will be much more powerful.

One of the biggest problems with these stories, by design, was that they expired after 24 hours and could no longer be seen unless we saved and saved them manually. Never.

The two new features implemented in version 25 of the application make the stories immortal. If we want, they will stay with us forever.

Highlight Instagram stories in our profile

The change that has been implemented is the power to highlight our favorite stories directly in the Instagram profile . So, under our profile photo and our biography, we will have the stories that we selected as the most relevant.

We will choose them one by one and there is no limitation we can put all we want and remove them when we get tired of them. To do this, we must either click on the + icon that appears at the beginning and create them, or choose them from the file. One moment, file? Yes, this is the second part of the update.

The archive of stories

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<p> This news is even more important because now, by default, <strong> any Instagram story </strong> we make on our mobile phone and we publish it on our profile <strong> will automatically be saved in the Instagram story file </strong> where we will have stored all the ones we have made and that we can use whenever we want. </p>
<p> It is a complementary tool to the previous one, because from here we can put in our profile the perfect story every moment. </p>
<p> App update is already coming to Android phones as well as iPhones, and we simply have to wait for our profile to allow us to use both new features </p>
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