install the keyboard or do not touch

install the keyboard or do not touch


The developers of Cheetah are still in their efforts to win enemies: their last strategy is to force the installation of Cheetah Keyboard to gain access to Piano Tiles 2.

Developers should maintain a minimum code of good behavior so that their apps can be found in the Google Play Store. In this Google Play policy certain points of mutual agreement are established, especially on prices, returns and the need for the developer not to exceed their applications . Certain practices are not typified, but, according to the popular thing being done, Google should indulge as quickly as possible.

Not long ago I echoed a very dirty strategy by some developers: force users to rate their app with 5 stars before they can use it . This, which is not clearly specified in the Google Play policy, directly attacks user freedom and the transparency of the store itself. Is the only way to reflect the quality and number of downloads required? It's one of them, like Cheetah Mobile shows.

Cheetah is an old acquaintance on Android. The Chinese company that gained recognition thanks to to buy other companies and take advantage of these purchases has a catalog of applications that continues to be questioned for its doubtful utility and risk of privacy. Not only the apps, but also the games: the company wants to promote its keyboard in one of its star titles. Good "promotion" is not the best word .

If you want to play Piano Tiles 2, you need to install the Cheetah keyboard by obligation

They have nothing to do with the game and the application in addition, they are published by Cheetah. I would have a pass if I simply dedicated myself to recommending the keyboard when opening the game but not: if you do not install it, you can not play . Hateful spam taken to such a point that that's why Google should ban the Cheetah from Google Play.

The Piano Tiles 2 locking screen can only be removed by installing the keyboard

Piano Tiles 2 is a very high popularity game that accumulates such a large download that these are between 100 and 500 million . It is a musical game in which you need to press the black keys just at the moment. Very fun and tremendously addictive, but with the background being Cheetah behind the title: open ads, app purchases and excessive permissions. Not only that.

I downloaded Piano Tiles 2 to test if it was worth the recommendation because of the latest news: carols. The game was updated in early December with this news, something that excited its regulars. Although those wishing to play for the first time find out that must install the Cheetah keyboard . This is the process:

  • Nothing else to open Piano Tiles 2 starts a screen where the Cheetah or Cheetah keyboard is shown and a special game theme for that keyboard. Below is an Install button.
  • We can not ignore the screen until we can install the keyboard ; we also did not enter the game with the Back button.
  • The loading of Piano Tiles 2 verifies that we have installed the keyboard, and when this happens, it encourages us to apply the theme of the musical keys. Obviously, is required .
  • Not satisfied with this, Piano Tiles 2 will force us to activate the keyboard to access our cell phone with the appropriate permissions.
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