It is not always good to hear the community, but it is...

It is not always good to hear the community, but it is important


This afternoon the OnePlus 5T was introduced, a renewal that polishes the aspects in which the OnePlus 5 had room for improvement. During the presentation, Carl Pei released some interesting statements that went unnoticed, but this caught my attention.

The impulse of sincerity oneplus during the presentation of OnePlus 5T

Carl Pei; for those who do not know him; He is the co-founder of OnePlus, a company that has experienced great growth in recent years. Today they have just introduced the improved version of their fourth generation of phones, the OnePlus 5T.


Talking about OnePlus almost always means talking about controversy. The fan base of this brand generally defends it with great fervor and often criticizes someone who speaks ill of his favorite brand (until there is nothing new, all brands have fanboys and we already know them). What can not be denied is that OnePlus as a company made mistakes. After all, we are all human.

During the presentation of OnePlus 5T, there was a time when Carl Pei took the stage to introduce the OnePlus 5T . To do this, they revised their career by commenting on important details about the history of the young company.

OnePlus expects to sell 30,000 cell phones and sold one million.

With OnePlus One, they got off to a good start. Carl himself commented that they expected to sell 30,000 units, but ended up selling 1,000,000, a very good figure for his first release. During the conference, they also commented on or disastrous events that were for them in the year 2015 the year they completely disconnected from the community, ignoring what their users asked for and paying for it.

Why did not they want to sell more cheap cell phones?

All this moment of sincerity that Carl Pei had with the users was full of references to his history. For me, the most important moment of this conversation was when they started talking about OnePlus X.

Undoubtedly the weirdest terminal that OnePlus has released. For those who do not remember, OnePlus X was an attempt by the company to launch a medium-range terminal, taking advantage of OnePlus One's haardware in a more compact body with OnePlus features 2 as the Alert slider. The first OnePlus with AMOLED screen and the only one with 5 inches of screen.

Not everyone will buy your phone

There are several users who wanted OnePlus to launch another terminal like OnePlus X, but the company not only did not release an accessible model, but also did not want to do so in the future. And how did you come to that conclusion?

Carl Pei himself mentioned that. Asked the community, users replied that OnePlus X was a great phone, however when asked if they would buy OnePlus X, the answer was no .

Little we have to say here. OnePlus is a small brand, so it's due to its community. And making a phone that no one else will buy is absurd. I generally disagree with many of the statements of OnePlus co-founder, but here he is absolutely right in the world.

User's opinion but not the whole world

The Internet has been one of the revolutions of the 21st century, and for various reasons. From a business point of view, it has become an excellent tool to hear customer feedback in order to know the opinions of its users.

Social networks or blogs (like what you read at the moment), however, do not always offer a close-up view of reality. Sometimes we come to believe that a niche as a forum can be a reflection of reality, when, in the end, it is usually the opposite.

The OnePlus point of view on this occasion is valuable because they have shown that paying attention to the community is vital for a business to function well. But in the end, what matters is that you pay attention to the public that is willing to buy a cell phone of your brand.

Now is the time to tell us your opinion and discuss this topic. Do you think OnePlus does well listening to your community?

How important is listening to your users?


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