Journey of a kite, an ideal game for young and not so...

Journey of a kite, an ideal game for young and not so young


They play the role of a comet, first it sounds rather boring … then you prove it and you face challenges to fulfill, full of exorbitant physics

Within the full range of options we find in Android games, for some overrated … There are bets that, with simple details, dazzle the player.

The protagonist of today is the "jewels" that usually go unnoticed . What on paper can be a little annoying and unattractive, it becomes one of the games that more than think the last time.

Journey of a comet

We are a comet that crosses outer space simple, simple and boring? Nothing further from reality, our protagonist proposes challenges that gradually increase in difficulty.

In addition, show us that for to make a good game does not need a great legacy the only thing necessary is to have an idea and know how to perform in the most efficient way. Simple and straightforward.

Once downloaded and installed, we run the game and what we find is a statement of intent. The main menu is minimalist, with three game options, plus settings.

Suitable graphics in a suitable game

 The game has a soundtrack that accompanies you "</p>
<p> As soon as we start the first game, we will have before us a <strong> simple and well-designed environment </strong>. Remember that we are a comet, so we will pass through outer space, surrounded by planets. </p>
<p> Graphics are <strong> 2D vector design, full of colors and smooth lines </strong>. Our protagonist, as a good comet that is, is represented by a simple bright white dot. If you're looking for the latest graphics … do not run away yet </p>
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Under a simple appearance, there is a game that will challenge you on each level

A pleasant sound experience

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-322795 size-large" title = "A gameplay that will get on your nerves in a fun way" src = " /uploads/2017/08/Travel-of-a-cometa-03-750×422.png "alt =" A gameplay that will put you on your nerves in a fun way.

A good jigsaw puzzle game must have a song that is like a good butler, it is undetected. The musical selection of Journey of a Comet is just that. He accompanies us during the game, helping us to focus on the game .

Both music and sound effects can be turned off in the settings menu. However, being as minimalists as the whole game in general is not a detail that is annoying.

Turn off music or sound effects, maybe break the gaming experience

A control that joins simplicity and physics …

 The simplicity that hides the physics of another ... galaxy "</p>
<p> The way to take our protagonist to reach the objectives of each level is very simple, <strong> click on the screen and ready </strong>. No complications, no strings, no normal … or not? </p>
<p> In all the simplicity that accompanies us, <strong> this game hides an element that will make us lose our patience and enjoy equal to equal </strong>. We speak of the physical, that is, the gravity, the speed, and the energies that exist in space. </p>
<p> When you click on the screen, a trajectory will appear, which will be the one that will follow our comet. As we proceed, we observe that the trajectory is affected by the presence of planets. </p>
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Objectives and fuel, the most important elements of the game

The gameplay, desperately fun

wp-image-322797 size-large "title =" A fun and desperate game alike "src =" 08 / Journey-of-a-comet-05-750×422.png "alt =" A fun and desperate game "

Having playing with the orbits, is the key element of the whole game . The levels are generated while we play, so we will not find repetitions. Something that is appreciated because it makes the game a new experience in every game.

As we said before, our goal is to collect "targets" using the trajectories we draw with our comet. It should be borne in mind that, depending on the complexity of the level, it will be necessary to accumulate "fuel" to get everything needed.

Once the trajectory has been selected, we can shape it so we can get where we need it. However, the power of modification has an energy limit once exhausted, we can not do anything.

 Objectives and fuel, what you will need "</p>
<p> In the settings we will find the option to change the controls <strong> to a "more advanced" mode </strong> that opens a door to more gameplay in case of boredom … Something that will be complicated, . </p>
<p> The game has <strong> 5 selectable galaxies </strong> and within each we will have the insignificant number of <strong> 28 levels </strong>. Which make use of basic math is … <strong> 140 levels in total </strong>. Adding <strong> autogenerate in each game </strong> we have a bomb-proof gameplay. </p>
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If you do not have enough, you have the public gallery Criations available. Levels created by users


 A fully recommended game "width =" 750 "height =" 422 "/> </p>
<p> We are facing an ideal game if what we like are fast games and this puts us before the challenges. Or for those who like solving puzzles one after another. The simplicity of the game's proposal makes <strong> suits all types of players </strong>. </p>
<p> There is still something to add to the description above about the game <em> Journey of a Comet </em> is the surprising and pleasant news of finding before <strong> a free game </strong>. No ads, no coins or anything like that. </p>
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The only payment option we will find if we want "unlock" the creation mode where we can design our own levels and share them with the other players.

A recommended game, which should not be fooled by its simple first appearance, since, as we have seen, it hides diabolical gameplay. If you liked what you read, it's slow to play it, in case you do not … it's slow to find out it's a great game .

Version: 3.7


Requires Android 4.0 and higher


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