let's end with the duplicity of applications

let's end with the duplicity of applications


Facebook will do it again: instead of having an application for everything, it will split the services into two separate applications. Messenger and now Instagram Direct. Was necessary?

Looking at the top of the historical applications, there is a company that sustained for years: Facebook. Not only with your social network, also with the applications that you have bought. You already know them: Instagram and WhatsApp . In addition, Facebook decided to split its network to create a separate messaging application; with the hassle this means for users.

I do not think he speaks for me alone: ​​I hate duplicity of services and the obligation of to install two applications when both are equal . If on the web I can use the message and the social network in one place, why should I download two applications if I want to access my cell phone? Not only is it absurd, but it also seems to me an abuse of the dominant service. And wait …

Instagram announces Direct, the future division of messages and social networks

Soon, we will have here: Instagram Direct will send the message to those who only use this service of social network. There are many, especially young ones: Instagram has become an excellent method of private communication. So far so good, but what will happen to the full application?

Facebook has not officially revealed plans for Instagram Direct, but the message is expected to be separate from the current "Instagram", so can be left as an independent service . No need to look away to check this strategy, Facebook Messenger takes years like this . What do you want from an application for social networking? The one with the generic name. What do you want from private messages? Download your dedicated application.

Separate Facebook Messenger duplicating the number of applications needed to access the service

This separation of services strategy is an advantage for the company, since not only they reach more users, but also collects a greater amount of data indirectly. In addition, between the two can be promoted in the attempt that the user obtain the whole experience of the network . Yes, advantages to Facebook, but with great collateral damage to users.

Why do I have to install two applications when I was only using one?

 Facebook sees double, we do not: let's end with the duplicity of applications "</p>
<p> Sounds like a logical and almost reportable complaint. They force you to need more space, have more apps installed, phones consume more since <strong> there are twice as many background apps </strong> … Anyway, I see no advantage other than those who only need messages They are easier to expand. But to require only direct messages … Would not it be easier to use a dedicated application like Telegram or WhatsApp than a service that has been separated from the social network? </p>
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Double number of notifications, double consumption … and even service

It's a waste of resources, space, effort and attention: instead of getting notifications from one application, we've received them from two, suppose everyone did the same. Twitter also has direct messages, multiplayer games offer private messages, YouTube … In the future we could have twice as many apps without leaving any of our usual services . A mess.

I think it's an absolute absurd to force a user to install the new application if he wants to access the services he used in the full application. And it has no meaning: a social network continues to be so in private contact, in the image and likeness of reality.

Facebook, why do you want so many messaging applications?

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<p> Let's make a list of all the simple messaging applications that Facebook has. Because there is <strong> WhatsApp </strong> who is the queen of this segment; It is followed by <strong> Facebook Messenger </strong> a messaging application that is at the top precisely because of the obligation to install it separately. And it will arrive <strong> Instagram Direct </strong> a new message that is dismembered from a social photography network. This multiplicity makes no sense. </p>
<p> The point is to get as many potential users as possible. Or because they use the social network because they only use messages or because they embrace the two. More apps and a total lack of optimization <strong> for all </strong>: Facebook on Android is the energy consumption par excellence. What to do with this strategy? I'm clear: do not install your applications. You live much better, I believe. </p>
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