LG will focus more on high-end and will launch its next mobile...

LG will focus more on high-end and will launch its next mobile "when needed"


We tend to be used for a calendar in terms of smartphone launches. LG will not follow you anymore.

The Korean company has made a decision that will remove this from this calendar: LG will make fewer phones focus on their G and V ranges. This indicates that they will not launch phones in periods that match other brands, but "when necessary".

This decision may precede the fact that its mobile division has been losing money for almost a year. In statements by LG Vice President Cho Sung-jin, the company plans to extend the life of its high-end terminals, which make up the G and V ranges, for longer.


LG will not have a release calendar

The official answer to the question why this decision is as follows: "We consider it important to maintain a good platform for a long time and raise concerns about the supply of lithium materials." A logical answer, but leaves us the mystery of why LG is now concerned about these issues.

Although LG has a good overall growth throughout its product range, it is known that in the smartphone unit, things do not go particularly well. It is no mystery that they have financial losses and that their presence and growth in the current market are far from those enjoyed by other manufacturers in the competition.

If we look at the data, we will see that losses occur in this sector for 11 consecutive months. Although LG reduced losses last year in this division, this reflected a balance of $ 650 million in losses. It is expected that this year, LG may also reduce losses to about 184.7 billion won, which at the change is 173.6 billion dollars.

Less market presence

 LG will make fewer phones to focus on its G and V ranges "</p>
<p> This measure will reduce these losses, but put another point on the table. How will this affect the market? In the sale of smartphones, the calendar has a great influence in the presence of this brand throughout the world. Reducing the number of launched smartphones will partially offset these expenses. But will this really benefit LG? </p>
<p> LG will continue to focus on its LG V and LG high-end. He did not give details on when we will see the future <strong> LG G7 </strong> and with the LG V30 we just launched, we will not hear a hypothetical LG V40 in a long period of time. The key is to reduce the launches of its low and intermediate bands, giving the land to brands that dominate this segment, such as Xiaomi. </p>
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Do you think this is the best decision for LG?


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