LG would lower the price of the V30 to face the Samsung...

LG would lower the price of the V30 to face the Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The war in the final stretch for Christmas is burning in the smartphone segment. Proof of this is the LG V30, which would be forced to reduce the cost to offer better conditions of purchase.

The IFA, what we witnessed before the event and what is about to be discovered will mark the race for the Christmas campaign. There are many high-end cell phones that have to beat the silicon: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ1, iPhone 8, Google Pixel 2, Huawei Mate 10 … How to handle so much heavy artillery under the best conditions? LG would have more or less clear their strategy.


The Korean manufacturer is characterized by offering its most "top" cell phones at a not excessively high cost and with a generally generalized aspect: drop a lot price . We checked with the LG G6, for example, that you can now buy for less than 500 euros even if you do not have six months in the market. And this pricing strategy would have come to the LG V30 without even leaving the market, as we are told The Korea Herald .

LG needs to improve sales harvested with the LG G6

The LG V30 will lower price to face the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 "src =" https://elandroidelibre.elespanol.com/wp- LG V30 will reduce the price to face the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It is not that the mobile that appeared in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was mediocre, since it is, in my opinion, among the best of this 2017. But this was not enough to reach the number sales that the manufacturer expected, then the letter of LG v30 should be a winner. And so it is: improves the previous model and bets increase power. Is it enough considering that up front are "monsters" like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the future iPhone 8 ? LG's own president acknowledges that the battle is difficult.

According to account Juno Cho responsible for LG's mobile division, the company is considering bringing the LG V30 to the market at a more competitive price . We still do not know the official price in Spain, but it was rumored that it would be about 900 euros. Nothing new considering the cost for which the high range is located.

According to sources in The Korea Herald, the LG V30 64 GB will start pre-selling in that country at a cost to change about 700 euros (949,300 won). The 128GB will rise to 739 euros (998,800 salaries). It is not an economical price, but it is not excessive considering the benefits. And always taking into consideration that LG tends to lower prices significantly.


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