manufacturers must recover the classics

manufacturers must recover the classics


This 2018 twenty years ago from the acquisition of my first cell phone. Since Phillips first went through many hands, most of the smartphones, but not all were equally important.

The Nexus 5 or the Motorola Moto G ] [whichforonereasonoranotherhasmarkedaturningpointinAndroid

Of course there are terminals that have become elements where nostalgia begins to gain some relevance, although some are only three or four years old, and that is that in the mobile sector is a world. So, what if I bring them back?

Updated versions of the classics


There is no mark that does not want to have an iconic terminal . Apple has its iPhone, Samsung is Galaxy, but even within families there are some who have called more attention than others. Users also value feeling a certain closeness to their inert elements and the cell phone is by far the most commonly used device.

One company that managed to channel this and make lots of money along the way is Nintendo with La NES Mini and mobile device makers could do something similar but with the characteristics of their industry. ]

Same idea, better specifications

 The same idea, better specifications "</p>
<p> The design of most of these phones is quite iconic. The Nexus 5, Yotaphone or Asus Padfone were created under the same umbrella as the rest of modern cell phones: a large screen in a rigid block. However, everyone had something in particular. </p>
<p> This visual idea would have to be maintained, but the internal benefits could improve to bring it to what we currently need. Obviously, marketing terminals with 4-inch screens or with MB memories instead of GB are crazy, but of course the features of these models were the product of their time. </p>
<h2> Looking beyond Android </h2>
<p> <img class= Nokia 3310 but failed because it did not become a smartphone that virtually eliminates this as a purchase option for many users.

The value of nostalgia

The value of nostalgia "

It is clear that the second decade of this century is the ideal to enjoy nostalgia. We saw him in clothing projects, in series like strange things and in many other products.

Technology is, by definition, something modern and up-to-date, but if you can get it between the old and the new, you could even create a new niche.


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