Mirror Keyboard creates custom stickers and just needs a selfie

Mirror Keyboard creates custom stickers and just needs a selfie


Tags have become the kings of messaging applications. If the emoji already allow us to express our emotions with a simple image, the stickers expand these possibilities immensely.

There are many messaging applications that support stickers, and the vast majority include a wide variety of packages. But what if we look for a more personal package? The answer lies in this simple but fun application .

So you can create your stickers with a selfie

Mirror is a new application whose purpose is very simple, to create our own package of icons with a selfie.


Its working is simple, just install the application and it will tell us that we should have a selfie . When the front camera appears, an outline will appear where we will have to fit on our face, then click the button to capture a photo.

Once clicked, the application will analyze our image and create a custom icon pack, which we can see from the beginning. He will also invite us to have a friend take a selfie to create a group packet of both. Celebrate your friendship with a bundle of stickers!

If we touch any of the stickers will appear a menu to share it in any application that supports them. The stickers will be uploaded as a picture and work on WhatsApp, Telegram or social networks. All stickers generated will remain in the application.

Another feature we like very much is that the application includes a keyboard with direct access to the tags This keyboard is based on the standard keyboard of Android, which is not the best, not bad.

Absolutely free but in beta

Mirror Keyboard is an application that is currently in beta so it may have some flaws. The good thing is that at the moment it is totally free, with no applications or micropayments, something that we believe will begin when the final version is released. Without a doubt, a very fun application for lovers of stickers.

Version: 1.0.9

Author: Mirror AI

Requires Android 4.1 and above


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