My 9 reasons to choose Google Chrome as an Android browser

My 9 reasons to choose Google Chrome as an Android browser


Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, but Android has a trick: it usually comes by default. Do you always remove it from your cell phone? Here are my nine reasons to keep it.

Thinking of a web browser usually brings to mind a specific name: Google Chrome . Google surprised in 2008 by launching its Chrome browser to compete with ubiquitous Internet Explorer. Little by little he climbed positions struggling with Microsoft's browser, and also with Firefox, to become the most used, even on Android. And, of course, being the most popular has its disadvantages .

There are many problems that Google Chrome brings on Android, most of us already know them. It's very heavy, it usually runs a lot of battery life, it lacks the extensions we see in the desktop browser, privacy is sometimes compromised … For these reasons, there are many users who discard the cell phone, that I do not do . And today I come to explain why.

Google Chrome comes by default, goodbye complications


If it was a bad browser, I understood that it changed to the first changes, but it's the opposite: Chrome works great on Android . So why struggle to uninstall or disable the default browser and install another concrete if the serial already provides us with everything we need?

Gesture control is very good

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I recognize that gestures win. As I use my cell phone with one hand, I find it very positive to access Chrome's main features by sliding my finger across the screen. Go forward, move back, unfold the whole stack of open windows, close them, slide them sideways … It's very comfortable.

Google Chrome is a very secure browser

Google spends a lot of time making sure Chrome is secure and reliable. From alpha versions to Chromium the open source browser: security updates are constant. This makes the stable browser noticeably improved while promoting safe browsing.

Synchronized passwords and browsing history

Login in the browser offers the synchronization of the guides and also of all the items stored in the history, including passwords. Google Chrome is supported by default with Google password backup and provides maximum access security.

Navigate the phone with the tabs you opened on your computer

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If you use Chrome on your computer, you have all the tabs on your phone to continue browsing from there. No problem, just look at the recent tabs. It also works otherwise, it is very useful when you find a page on your mobile and want to read more easily on the computer.

Synchronization of markers

the third of the primary keys that comes with the Google account entry in the Google Chrome browser: we will have the same bookmarks in the mobile browser and on the desktop . Beware, this can be a problem if you use many bookmarks on your computer and you're all synchronized on your smartphone …

Compatible with the latest web technologies

Google generally advances to the implementation of new web technologies, so they end up in Chrome even before other browsers. An example is virtual reality: Safari on iOS is not compatible with the VR web, Chrome was for months.

It allows to download web pages to read them without connection

This is very practical: when you find a page or article that you would like to read more in depth, just download it to read it later. This way, it will be accessible even when you are out of coverage.

Automatic translator of web pages

I usually look for documentation, even when I'm on my cell phone. With English or Italian I have no problems, but things change when the page is written in Chinese or Japanese . For Chrome, that's not a problem: it automatically translates all text that is in HTML. And the translation is really good, it shows that Google Translate is using AI well.

What reason would you add to complete the tenth? Or are you one of those who change the browser as soon as you start an Android smartphone?


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